Europe Style Travel · July 11, 2017

Little Striped Cossie








(Sunglasses: Topshop, Swimming Costume: Rhythm via ASOS, Shorts: M.I.H)

I guess you could definitely say these aren’t your average swimsuit pictures (the top one even looks like something from an Always advert too, but the less said about that the better, right)? I definitely don’t look poised or polished- and despite my funny old career which would lead you to think otherwise, I’m definitely more comfortable behind the camera than I am in front of it (don’t laugh mum). Taking pictures like this is always daunting (especially when you’re make up free and glowing from the 30 degree heat). You’re picking out every lump and bump, contour and curve and wondering if you could have possibly worked harder at the gym or really persevered with not eating chocolate for the five days prior to stepping on the plane (I mean, come on)…

But do you know what? I felt good. I didn’t feel stressed. I didn’t feel unwell and I felt constantly inspired and achy from laughing from the women I was away with (the nearest I’ll be getting to a six pack that’s for sure). And isn’t that what matters the most? I didn’t want to turn this into a body confidence think piece because I know I’ll never be able to articulate those feelings as well as so many others do, but having picked up this total winner of a swimming costume on ASOS (then photographed it, analysed the pictures as I chose what to upload) here we are. Sometimes I think it’s important to tap into these conversations (even when my main topic of chatter was the outfit)- because we’re all only human, and sometimes embracing and discussing our insecurities reminds us of that.

Anyway! A quick note on the swimsuit, right? This little get up was one of my favourites that I took away with me and could’t believe it was all from ASOS. I was so blown away by this swimming costume find, which hugely reminded me of the solid and striped pieces I love (but didn’t manage to pick up) and paired with these high waisted and slightly longer cut M.i.H jeans- I felt a little bit Age-of-Aquarius and a little bit Bay Watch- which I’m certain is only ever a good thing- perhaps next time I’ll brave the red all in one too. Ahem.




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