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Dinner At The Monastery








Our last night in Zakynthos was one of the most magical nights of all. All we knew was that we’d be having dinner at a monastery, and that was it. We had no gage, or scope, as to how near or far it was- or even what it looked like- which was what made the surprise all the more special…

We started our evening visiting a dog rescue centre a short drive from our villa. Having heard about Zante Strays from the wonderful people at Peligoni, we were keen to pop by and meet the pups, as well as hear a bit about the amazing work they do to re-home and give the strays on the island a second chance. Although I’m certain Maggie would be a wonderful host to another dog (~raised eyebrow~), it was Lucy who fell head over heels- and it certainly took a lot of self control from us all to not adopt them all (I mean, a girl can dream)…

After falling in love with the dogs, we hopped back into the car and drove through the village until we came to a clearing. As the sun began to go down, the fields around us turned to gold- and we jumped out and began our journey to the monastery. The walk was around 45 minutes, and seeing the landscape go from hazy fields, to dirt tracks and then watching clouds float alongside us high up in the hills was extraordinary. At one point we were walking through evergreens taller than us, losing each other in seconds if we were to wander, or dream of stopping for a quick Instagram story. But it was seeing the monastery appear on the horizon which took our breaths away. It made any white-short-bare-leg regret of a journey through long grass more than worth it. As we finally approached and saw the twinkling lights draped around the table and the grandeur of the old monastery backlit by twilight, it almost felt like something from a film- and wasn’t long before we were exploring the walls and admiring the view from our journey.






Sitting down for dinner felt like being at a friends family supper club too. Anyone staying at Peligoni can book in for the monastery dinner with friends, and tucking into homemade food over wine and candlelight in the most romantic setting (during Summer Solstice, might I add) was the perfect touch to end a wonderful stay in Greece.

After clearing our plates, and finally pulling out our jumpers and blankets as the sun disappeared behind the hills it was time to head back. We belted up in the car and headed back to Fincha for warm tea and bed, before heading home the next day after a truly unforgettable five days…






With many thanks once again to Peligoni for the wonderful stay, and Frances for helping with this photos, u a star


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