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My Winter Skincare Favourites

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So, if we’re talking about my usual winter skincare juggle, it goes a bit like this:

  • One day of glowy skin.
  • Three days of some intense spots.
  • Two weeks trying to shift those spots.
  • Looking like a raisin (note: must drink more water, it’s half the battle).
  • And repeat.

… Until recently that is (touch wood, which is important here because something will inevitably change as I type these words)! Since October,  I’ve pretty much had the same products on rotation, replacing empties with the same things when I run out and resisting changing things up. Normally when I run out of something I try something different- but for once, consistency has been king and although I love dabbling in the new and knowing what ~the kids are loving~ (ahem)- finding things that have helped keep my skin clear and hydrated in the months of bitter chills and toasty heating has felt somewhat of a miracle.

So, here are the day and night time picks that have been my total ride or dies. The items I want to bookmark in case I’m ever swayed by a current TikTok obsession and then get lost finding my way back. Some are new discoveries, some are things I’ve loved before and will now never let go of (B Hydra this is for you, girl)- and I know these will be favourites for a long, long time.


Liz Earle Cleanse & Glow Gel: I mean; everyone has a Cleanse and Polish story right? It’s been a fail safe skincare love for as long as I’ve washed my face (thanks mum and Nan for that), so being able to add the new cleansing gel to my arsenal feels like a lovely new addition- and we’re getting on just swell. It’s a beautiful gel cleanser that turns to milk when mixed with water, making it the perfect start to the day and never leaves my skin feeling tight.

Typology Vitamin C Toner: Between this and the Elemis Superfood Kefir Tea Mist, I can safely say I’m back on the toner train. Both of these make for the loveliest pre-serum base; ensuring my skin isn’t dry or tight after cleansing and are great at adding a spritz of glow before adding in the rest of my skincare.

Drunk Elephant B Hydra Serum: Oh my god this serum. It’s the one item that when I feel it’s running a bit low, have to call for backup (read: order another immediately). I remember seeing Alex say how this was one of the the only things that prevented spots for her, and I’m going to have to second that because this is a miracle worker. Yes it’s pricey (and the packaging feels a lot- I’ve tried scooping out every last bit, trust me) but it’s amazing. It’s hydrating and literally keeps breakouts at bay and I use it morning and evening without fail. 


Typology Vitamin C Serum: Another gem in my skincare crown, Typology are amazing at simple ingredient skincare and their serums (which feel like having a shelf full of magical tinctures) are so brilliant. I love using their Vitamin C serum every morning for a bit of extra glow, and this really delivers in spades. Plus they make working out what your skin needs feel really achievable and not like the mystery it can be. 

And moisturiser (and then SPF, not pictured)…: At the moment, I’m rotating between the Beauty Pie Youth Bomb Biologic Collagen Peptide Cream and Typology’s 9 ingredient wonder worker. Both are brilliant pre-make up bases (I love the Typology moisturiser because it’s so light and fuss free) but always turn to Beauty Pie when I need a moisturiser to put in a bit of an extra shift with the ol’ glow and hydration- especially when my skin is feeling a bit lack-lustre. 



Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm: I’m not really someone that can get away with saying something is ‘the goat’, but if I were, I’d definitely say this Elemis cleanser is the GOAT. It just *gets it right*. Nothing can remove everything as well as this, whilst also providing ultimate spa-like-scented experience. There’s a reason it’s so well loved and I know I’ll just always come back to this (hence why I’ve spoken about it so many times)…

Skin Rocks Retinoid 1: If anyone is going to get me using retinol properly, of course it’s going to be Caroline. I’ve definitely dabbled with it previously; but having used ingredients that were too harsh for my skin had told myself my skin was too sensitive and it wouldn’t work for me. Enter Skin Rocks. This Retinol is the first proper foray I’ve had into consistent retinol use, and because of the strength, it’s been a big all round hit. It feels gentle, effective and I’ve truly noticed the difference in my skin and it’s glow, smoothness and spot situation since using it.

Weleda Skin Food: Would a winter skincare edit be complete without the inclusion of some variant of Skin Food? I’m genuinely not sure what I did before I used this; but if my skin is feeling in any way dry, flaky or that it needs a good drink- there just isn’t anything else for me worth mentioning. Great for a post-cold nose too (if you know you know).

Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream: And finally, another excellent night cream that I’ve used over the past few months. Murad are a brand I’ve fallen hard and fast for; and whether it’s their Vitamin C range (the cleanser is incredible) or their retinol collection; everything just hits the spot. This is a great moisturiser for smoothing things out, and is so blinking silky it feels like a fancy pillowcase for your face. Just the most indulgent, hard working product and truly worth the money.


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