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A (Mini) Mother’s Day Gift Guide

AD Post in collaboration with Boots

For once I feel like I’m a little bit organised sharing a little gift guide for Mother’s Day with time to spare before the big day (which, gloriously feels like a very adult ‘mum’ thing to do- Sarah would be proud indeed)…

And, although I think we should be celebrating those most special to us every day (whether that’s a little text message or, in my case an unsolicited voice note); is there ever any harm in making someone wonderful feel doubly special once a year?

Having spent the last couple of years navigating becoming a mother myself (and therefore lacking organisation in many other areas of my life)- it feels nice to be on top of it this year and thinking about the wonderful women in my family, and of course my mum, who have been beyond brilliant- this year, and every year.

And when it comes to occasion shopping- is there a better one-stop shop than Boots? The home of an unrivalled gift set at Christmas, Mother’s Day presents, and also the finest beauty selection on my high street. This year, Boots are celebrating ‘Love for All Mums’ in time for Mother’s Day. Shining a light on all of the brilliant and beautiful mother figures we’re lucky enough to have in our lives- whether that’s a biological mum, step-mum, big sister, aunty, or nan- there are so many special women to celebrate, and so many ways to do it too.

So, after a hugely contemplative narrow down and endless scrolling, here are a few of my favourite gifts for mum –  (just don’t read any further mum or nans)!

For the mama in need of a *moment*

Is there a gift like the present of half an hour to yourself? I always thought running your mum a bath with a candle was a bit of a cliché growing up, but since becoming a parent (or… just an adult), spinning more plates than I can manage- I completely get it.

There is nothing like a hot bath, a good read and the promise of a bit of uninterrupted time to yourself (whether that’s in the bath, in bed with a brew or in the garden watching the day begin)-and whether you’re treating someone for their first Mother’s Day gift or 30th- that feeling never gets old.

Pairing this with a candle like the Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Candle (which smells both like the best spa day ever and a mini-break to somewhere where you’re horizontal and completely zen) and some fail-safe skincare products like this Liz Earle Cleanse & Nourish set (which, let’s be honest- is as classic as a striped t-shirt)- and you’ve got yourself the perfect cocktail for some true TLC.



For the beauty-loving big sister

Does anyone not get excited about the prospect of opening a new beauty product to try? Is it just me (say it isn’t just me?), but it’s a bit like getting a new dress for Christmas which you *have to wear on Christmas day* – it’s just exciting. And, even if you don’t know her exact foundation shade (is she vanilla 2, mocha 4 or flat white 3?!) there are so many excellent beauty classics which feel like a treat even if you’re not certain on her preferences.

Enter the classic Chanel lipstick – a total luxury treat which is equal parts spoiling and an excellent bet when you’re not totally sure what she likes (plus, with an excellent colour selection you can go for a chic red or understated nude or balm too). There’s also my trusty Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream which I think works hard for everyone. The best balm for just about everything and I truly wouldn’t be without it.

For the nan/mum/aunty who wouldn’t buy it for herself

One present that always feels like a complete treat is the gift of fragrance. It’s never something I’d buy for myself, but is always something I love wearing and receiving, and the addition of a new perfume is always so special. With so many options, it was a tough call (the new Gucci scents have me googly-eyed, and not just for how they’d look on my chest of drawers) but I truly don’t think you can go wrong with Marc Jacobs Daisy Love for a classic warm floral scent that feels pretty timeless indeed. Other favourites include (but are very much not limited to); Chloé Eau De Parfum and Giorgio Armani Si.


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