The Insecure Girls’ Club

A space for women to embrace vulnerabilities and empower themselves through wearing their insecurities on their sleeves, and a platform to make the world a little bit smaller

Late in 2018, after endless conversations with friends, the wonderful women I work with and endless strangers online- I began The Insecure Girls’ Club– a platform on Instagram, that offered a space for women to ’embrace vulnerabilities and empower themselves through wearing their insecurities on their sleeves’- whether that be sharing their stories, listening to others or simply submitting something because it felt like a release.

Conversations began ranging from everything from body image, friendships, workplace politics and comparison- and women around the country, and world began connecting on a level that we all very much share in common. We were having the conversations I’d so privately had with friends, but in a space that made it feel like anyone could talk about these things wherever they were and with whoever they wanted to.

After a bursting inbox of submissions, hopping across the country to film with some wonderful women- and also starting a new mini-series of videos the opportunity to write a book came around (I still CAN NOT BELIEVE IT). A BOOK! A REAL BOOK

…And, that is where you come in! Over the next few weeks I’ll be asking a series of questions around the topics of insecurity, and would love nothing more than to hear from you and make this book as collaborative, helpful and wide-reaching as it can possibly be. This isn’t a book about me- it’s a book about you. A celebration and hair-flip for the insecurities we all have in common- and a subtle nod to the solidarity we all shall in our insecurities, as well as a peppy pick me up when we really need it.

I really want it to be the resource I had when I was a teenager as well as reflective of the articles, conversations and chats I continue to have now with some of the most brilliant women in my life. To show that insecurities aren’t our weaknesses, but our strengths- and by sharing them we can make the world a little bit smaller.

To contact the club, submit a story and get involved please email