About Olivia

Oh, hiya! Welcome to What Olivia Did- this is the place that probably acts as a bit of a grown up, formal introduction- mainly so we're just on more than first name terms...

Oh, hello! If this is the first time we’ve met, then let me introduce myself. My name is Olivia, and I’m a 24-year-old girl living and writing What Olivia Did from my home in London.

When I’m not busy getting square eyes, I can be found dancing to soul music, attempting to get one right on University Challenge, visiting the British seaside, watching any film with Hugh Grant/Julia Roberts/Jennifer Aniston or playing with my trusty partner in crime (and furry white friend), Maggie.

I started my blog in 2010 after realising Blogger was the only site allowed on the school computers (and my best friend Gemma introducing me to the humble ‘fashion blog’), What Olivia Did grew into an outlet for everything from personal style, travel, food, music and beauty- as well as interviews with inspiring women who I admire and look up to.

It’s since extended into my full-time career, and a bit of a hub for all things adventure, advice and discovery too. My photography is essentially (read: most of the time) taken by my wonderful other half and best friend, Joseph – who has a serious knack for a good photograph (and a good angle) – and is the Bailey to my Shrimpton. To check out his work, you can visit his portfolio here. I’d say I’m biased, but he is really really good.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please find details on my contact page or pop me an email at olivia@whatoliviadid.com.