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New In Spring Beauty

*features some affiliate links and press samples, photos by Beatrice Granados

It’s been a little while since I walked you through some of my favourite new in beauty picks; and whilst there’s always seemingly endless shiny new launches- I tend to handpick what I think would work best for me and the things I’m most interested in and go from there. Rather than what the newest ‘in’ thing is (I’m certainly never ahead of the curve here, but hopefully it might introduce you to a few lovely things you might’ve missed)!

Anyway- like the grand wardrobe switch up, around this time of year I tend to dip into new things when it comes to make up and skincare too. I’m normally after extra hydration, a bit of colour and some serious glow- and all of the below have these in spades. I’ve also included a little walk through of some of my favourite mascaras; because I constantly feel like I’m on an endless quest for the best, and I think I’m finally *there* with the ones I’ll keep going back to.

There’s also some beautiful fragrances which I’ve been rotating between (and sometimes mixing together, when I’m feeling particularly fancy)- but as always please let me know the things you’ve been enjoying too!

The New In’s

I feel like I was maybe the last to the Rhode party. Admittedly I’m a little out of touch when it comes to celebrity launches, but I do *really* get why this is so very popular. With the Peptide Lip Treatment coming in my bag with me everywhere (it’s the perfect mix of gloss meets conditioning balm) and the Glazing Fluid being a beautiful glowy layer before moisturiser and before make up- I’ll do anything for a bit of a ‘lit from within’ glow, and this seems to be ticking some big boxes.

Aromatherapy Associates Skincare

I am a huge fan of Aromatherapy Associates; whether that’s their candles, oils or room scents; so was very excited to see their skincare extension (which has a handful of products I’m already pretty partial to). Being a girl forever on the hunt for a great cleansing balm, their Nourishing Cleansing Balm is absolutely beautiful, and partners very well with their Hydration Boost Mist which is also heavenly (especially with this weather).

Summer Fridays Shadedrops

Any SPF that promises glow and hydration as well as keeping your skin protected gets a big ol’ thumbs up from me- and this guy is reef friendly too (so she’s basically the Miss World of SPF’s).


Rouje Skincare

Trust Jeanne to take French girl pharmacy faves to the next level. Obviously the whole skincare collection from Rouje is *exactly* the kind of thing you’d like to have sitting pretty next to your sink, and although I’ve yet to take it for a proper spin, if it’s anything like it’s makeup counterparts, I have an inkling they’ll be very good indeed.

Bourii Oils

One thing I am determined to get better at is my body care- and this body oil from Bourii seems like a pretty gorgeous place to start. It’s the kind of oil you massage into your skin, and the warmth, heady smell and texture feel like you’ve just given yourself a 5* spa treatment (not to mention each of their oils is purpose-driven and caters to different skin requirements and desires). Not only that, but *look* at it (I promise I’m not fickle).

The Face

Vieve Skin Dew: I feel like anything by Vieve is bound to be a winner, but one of the first products I ever tried from HRH Jamie Genevieve, was this glow in a bottle; and putting foundation on hasn’t been the same since. I can easily veer into the over-powdered, very matte terriroty, and this just takes that away with a beautiful glow underneath, which feels subtle whilst making foundation application a dream.

Merit Blush Balm and Day Glow Highlight: Merit are a new brand to me, and having seen them pop up again and again was very keen to find out more- and, dear reader, I can confirm it’s love. I’ve been using three of their products (the circle blush balm, highlight and brow gel) daily now for the last few weeks, and they are all excellent (I especially love their cream based products for serious dewiness).

The Eyes

Victoria Beckham Future Lash Mascara: Okay, I’m sure I must’ve spoken about the VB mascara before, but in case I haven’t- in my opinion, it might be my GOAT mascara. It’s. So. Good. Not only does it add amazing length and thickness without ever clumping, but the application is dreamy and removal is even better (I can’t do this justice explaining, but it basically just balls up under water when you gently rub and washes off without any smudging or running). It’s heavenly. I’m already on my third tube.

Jones Road The Mascara: There can only be one favourite (or… can there), but in a very close position (if this were the mascara Olympics, things would be getting hairy right now), is this one from Jones Road; one for thickening in my opinion, and so great at creating fuller sixties inspired lashes (which I love) this is also another one I like to pull out.

Les Filles En Rouje The Mascara: Finally, one I’ve been using a lot recently, is the mascara from Rouje. It’s one of the most elegant make up products in my collection (just look at this ribbed gold bottle- phwoar), and creates the most fluttery long lashes. I normally use a few coats of this, but it never seems to clump and always builds reallt beautifully, which is always a winner when it comes to a great mascara.


The Scents

Jo Malone Nashi Blossom: I don’t think I’ll ever not be a fan of a Jo Malone floral (in particular anything with blossomy notes)- but this is such a beautiful fresh floral scent, which doesn’t feel at all powdery and instead has a real dewy freshness to it which makes it a really light, special scent.

Jo Malone Star Magnolia: There’s a delicious warmth that comes with this smell, and there’s something about it that just smells like summer. Be it the floral tones mixed with citrus, it’s everything I love about summer fragrances; it feels clean and warm like post-beach showered skin on an early evening on holiday- and if I can capture that all year round I’ll take it.

Sunspell Sea Moss: I love that this feels like a kind of more laid back version of what I consider to normally turn to when it comes to summer, or spring like scents. Inspired by the British coastal landscape; with lavender and rose florals matching with cedar and the crispness of a sea breeze- it’s calming, cool and the perfect all year round fragrance.


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