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Sunday Duvet Reading: This Week 03/07/2017

Long time no speak! I’m sorry these Sunday posts have been a little few and far between of late. Things have been a little bit crazy this side of things, so sitting down and putting this all together (and finding things good enough to share) slipped down on my list of to-dos. But I promise it’s been worth it. Not only have I now got a bit of a bumper Sunday post lined up (and an idea for a ~think piece~ ooh), but if you’re eagled eyed you may have spotted some exciting news on my Instagram– which I’ll be talking about in more detail diary style post in the next week, so stay tuned!

*proud of myself for going a whole paragraph without referencing Love Island. proud.

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to…

(L-R: Lucinda Chambers, Carrie, Ruth and Hush)

The Must-Reads:
I don’t think any weekly summary would be complete without a mention of the now (what seems to be) already infamous interview with ex Vogue Fashion Director Lucinda Chambers. Having originally read the piece before it was temporarily removed, it was comfortably one of the most candid, honest and inspiring pieces I’ve read about the fashion industry, and although it did confirm some of the typical Devil Wears Prada stereotypes, it was eye opening and inspiring to hear about someone as successful as Lucinda discuss her anxieties and addressing the fear of failure- such a recommended read.

Another post I loved this week came from my friend Carrie, discussing Instagram, content generation (and the repetitiveness of it all) and originality. It’s a hugely important post which I know resonated with (as well as so many other people). Having neglected Instagram of late when I didn’t think I had anything ~good enough~ to share this post (as well as a handful of others) definitely had me reevaluating my use of the platform, and why I intend on attempting to put the insta back into my Instagram (I know, cheese).

Finally, a bit of light reading came from the gorgeous Ruth from A Model Recommends, on answering- or rather, not answering the phone. As an avid ‘please-don’t-make-me-phone-them kind of person, it made me chortle endlessly (and nod in agreement)- and I’m pretty certain that in this digital age I’m not the only person who feels like this too, right? Answers on a postcard (just don’t phone me, plz).

The Video:

One of my favourite channels this week (I mean, ever) has to be Violette’s channel– it’s not exactly a hidden gem, but damn girl it’s a good ‘un. A French make up artist living in New York sounds like a bit of a dream, and her channel is every bit Parisian cool as it is useful make up tutorials (plus the filming is just beautiful too). I also loved this short video TIME published with the ever-inspiring Emily Weiss who I think continues to inspire me solely by looking at a camera (half joking)- a very good quick watch.

The Website Love:

Just a couple of little suggestions here amongst the bigger reads! The first being these delicious looking recipes from my favourite’s over at Hush. Having a lot more kitchen time on my plate (no pun intended) I’m looking for lots of healthy and delicious dinner suggestions and these look like the perfect place to start- who’d have thought it?! I also had many-a-lol at this video with Haim and Brie Larsson over on the NME, so check it out if you’re as much of a fan girl as I am.

The Podcast Love:

Finally, and probably my total highlight of the week online, comes in the shape of Stella McCartney’s Desert Island Discs. Oh my god- WHAT A LISTEN. I cried, smiled, sang along and just fell even more in love with her altogether. Not only does she have exceptional music taste (as you’d expect), but her ethics, ethos and drive behind her brand as totally awe-inspiring and she truly is a force, and business women, to be reckoned with.

Objects of desire:


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