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Celebrating 2015!

Because, sometimes, just sometimes, it’s ok to blow your own trumpet…

Okay, not all the time- nobody likes a bragger, cheeky. But after reading the amazing Emma’s post about her ‘Anti-Bucket List’ (and then going on to read the original Glamour article by the wonderful Lauren Laverne– both huge babes), I felt inclined to pop my own together too; partly as a way of actually sitting down, taking a moment to reflect on my year- and yup, to celebrate a few of the successes this year has brought. I’d obviously be telling a porky if I said 2015 had been all pink macarons, well organised flat lays and chirpy moments, but rather than dwelling on the not-so happy moments (there’s plenty of time offline for those), I thought I’d take a post to blow my own trumpet, even if it is just a reminder to myself that ‘hey, you’re not always the girl sitting indoors in her PJS watching Judge Rinder, you fool!’.

Working online, and being self employed, there’s nobody there to give you a yearly appraisal, and sometimes social media comparison can indeed be a little bit of a meanie- so I encourage you, dear blog reader, to do the same right now. It doesn’t have to me huge momentous moments, but rather than looking at the things you haven’t achieved yet, look at what you have. It’s truly uplifting. Whether that’s keeping a job you love and being bloody good at it, being a top mate, saving up for a deposit, taking on a new degree- or what have you, give yourself a big ol’ pat on the back. You deserve it. Now for some achievable resolutions…

So, here I have, my year- in a list!

  • I braved my fear of public speaking, and spoke at Selfridges about blogging- and didn’t need to run out and shed a tiny tear!
  • Travelled to Asia for the first time, rode a Tuk Tuk, a longboat and ate more new food in 4 days than I have in my life.
  • After 4 years, I redid my blog layout, which gave me a new love of blogging and this little space of the internet.
  • Met Taylor Swift. Yup. I can’t believe it either. So tall. So perfect.
  • Visited New York again and realised it’s probably essential I now visit every single year. Completely essential.
  • I started learning to drive. It’s undeniably taken a while, but I’m persevering, and that’s definitely half the battle. Next year I MAY pass!
  • I went on a surprise holiday to Ibiza to surprise my dad, succeeded and it was amazing.
  • For the first time in forever I put in for a competition, and entered Stylist’s Fiesta Stylista competition and made it to the final, and couldn’t have been more blood chuffed!
  • Saw Joe graduate and my brother get an apprenticeship and felt so proud of them both I could pop
  • Went to see two musicals, and cemented my love of singing inappropriately in public.
  • I don’t know about you but I turned 22! And celebrated with some of my favourite human beans.
  • Shot an advertorial for Cosmopolitan with Claire’s, New Look for Now! and featured in Glamour Magazine with Nana P too- VERY surreal!
  • Took my mum and nan to Paris for the first time, and played city guide.
  • After reading the magazine for nearly 10 years, I got to go to the NME Awards and felt so over the moon to be there. I also fell in love with Brett Anderson.
  • Kept in touch, and continued to hang out and laugh with some of my oldest school friends, and realised it’s not the quantity of pals you have, but the quality. Also to continue to make an effort with the people that truly matter- they are always worth the effort.
  • Maggie turned one! We celebrated with more treats than necessary and plenty of cuddles.
  • Saw Fleetwood Mac, wished I was Stevie Nicks and cried many a tear- ILY FM.
  • Let me know if you do an Anti-Bucket list, I’d love to see!


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