Lifestyle · October 23, 2019

A Big Ol’ Catch Up

Well hello there! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve caught up on here, and although I feel like I’ve typed that sentence more times in the last few months than I have actually published things, I thought it time to get in a proper overdue catch up- before regularity sets back in after a long while.

Since I started the book writing at the end of March, things have been a little inconsistent. I’ve been juggling thousands of words, planning a wedding and keeping on top of a workload, that although is so incredibly exciting, has felt like a lot of pressure at times. Sometimes I’ve felt like I’ve been ploughing on with little oil left in me. Saving so little gas for my family and friends and using every last drop to pour into everything else- and towards the end of last month- I’ve felt really burnt out too. Small things felt enormous, and spinning a lot of plates became more overwhelming than anything else. I felt silly for complaining, worrying and talking about it, because everything felt small and trivial. Guilty for not feeling the zest that I so often feel for things- when in reality, I really needed a bit of breathing space and a bit of a Kit Kat moment, to say the least.

So here we are! After a few days recharging in bonnie Scotland, f i n a l l y upgrading my phone (no more a 6 user, y’all), ticking off never-ending life admin tasks and changing my batteries, I’m feeling ready for a new term of blogging.

Last month when everyone was talking about the ‘back to school’ September feeling, I remember the sinking ‘oh shit‘ feeling, because I was in the throes of a bit of a wobble and feeling a bit left behind. The January-esque pressure felt a little like a grey cloud, and it felt like starting back at school without a clean uniform or new pencil case. I felt like I hadn’t had my six-week school holiday as my to-do list felt never ending- but with a bit of time, and a book deadline pretty much out of the way (GAHHH! Which you can pre-order here, FYI) I feel like I can finally reintroduce routine to this part of my life, no guilt or worry attached. It’s definitely made me realise how shaped we are, especially online, by other peoples timelines, and slowing things down when people seemingly sped things up (especially with the ‘FOUR MONTHS LEFT OF THE YEAR!! MAKE IT COUNT!’ tweets) was the best thing I could have done. It didn’t matter if someone else was gearing up for the end of the year, because if I needed to strip things back a bit, there was no shame in that at all.

So I’ve started off slow- but things are now bubbling back to normal and there’s a lot of lovely stuff lined up for the end of the year over on these parts. The last few months have been a little inconsistent on here so I’m so grateful for you baring with me- sharing an awful lot of love with the wedding content, and being such brilliant supporters of my Papier (!) collaboration too (nope, still not used to saying that)… Also in the interim (read: until two days time when I’ll be posting again)- you can also have a nosey at some of the brilliant content (which I can totally say) over on The Insecure Girls’ Club website. Whilst I’ve been tapping away with the book, Charlotte has helped keep things sailing on over there and we’ve had so many inspiring, brave and honest voices over there that I’d love if you had a nosey too. I’m so, so proud of the space that it’s become and hope you enjoy the content as much as we do collecting and sharing it.

Anyway! I’ll leave it here before I start baring my soul (which I’m sure we can all agree, nobody needs). I hope you all have a brilliant hump day (you GOT THIS) and I’ll be back on Saturday for another post!


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