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Giftmas Gift Guides 2019: Day 2, The Best of Books

(Make Someone Happy, Ink For Two, Over The Top, How To Break Up With Fast Fashion, East London, Cosy, It’s Not Okay To Feel Blue, Mixed Feelings, The Insecure Girls’ Handbook, Dream Baby Dream)

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…from the pictures please to the big reader (just don’t forget to date the inside)!

Although buying books can be a bit of a tricky one, there’s something to be said for receiving a book at Christmas which always feels quite special. Even if you’re not the biggest fan, or have never read anything like it- I think it’s such a considered gift and even passing on something you adoredย  with a little note can be a really cost effective but thoughtful present for someone you think the world of.ย 

It was incredibly hard to narrow down my favourites here but naturally had to include the IRL ray of sunshine Emily Coxhead’s book, a bit of JVN and the most inspiring photo book, Dream Baby Dream by the incredible Jimmy Marble. I’ve also included the beautiful poetry book Ink For Two (for any Rupi fans), a little East London guide that had me buying it as soon as I saw it, the ultimate Cosy manifesto and Lauren Bravo’s new book– which although isn’t out yet could make a lovely IOU gift…

…And speaking of! I also included The Insecure Girls’ Handbook too– but hear me out! I know it’s not out until the 6th of Feb (and perhaps I’m a bit biased), but if you did want to order it for a gift- I have a mini pile of handwritten notes and badges to send as ‘Hey, I knew you’d love this so here’s a little IOU for when it’s out!’ incase you wanted to buy it for a pal, or someone that needs a little festive pick me up. Obviously it’s not the real deal, but could be a nice substitute in the meantime! If you do buy it as a gift and would like a personal note and badge, pop me an email ( with your order confirmation and I’ll get something sent to you in time for Christmas!

Finally- I also included two other brilliant books from Scarlett Curtis and Naomi Shimada- It’s Not Ok To Feel Blue and Other Lies and Mixed Feelings– two books that tackle mental health head on in a truly needed and necessary way.

Some further reading (pun absolutely intended)…

Come back tomorrow for day 3 of Giftmas!


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