Lifestyle Music · December 7, 2018

The Monthly Playlist: October & November

The last couple of months have completely flown by, and it’s only now I’ve had a moment to sit down and put together some of my favourite listens from October and November ready to share with you (just in time for Magic Christmas to come on the radio too). With October spent largely on planes, trains and automobiles (and, of course, watching A Star is Born), the playlist is definitely more substantial than November’s (I put it down to still replaying the previous)- but it’s packed full of songs I still haven’t stopped playing from Jessie Ware’s Midnight, a bitta Blondie and First Aid Kit- after catching them at Brixton last month too (which, as you can imagine, was amazing)- as well as some of my favourite tracks I played in Chicago, from Sufjan Stevens and Smith Westerns. On top of that, I thought I’d group it with my mini-November playlist- seeing as December is solely reserved for my Christmas playlist (which I’ll pop here)- so I thought I’d wrap it all into one neat parcel, and hope that it tides you over until the New year- happy listening!



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