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The New (To Me) Brands I Love For 2024

(and a not-so-sutble nod (or, pointe) to a long lived love of ballet…)
Photos: Beatrice Granados, Location: Studio 74 Dance School, Playlist whilst shooting: here
Post includes press samples

When I sat down to think about some of the brands that I’ve been most excited for since the start of this year, they all had one thing in common. Aside from the fact they’re all beautifully designed, female founded and collectively boast more intricate detail, romance and frothy tulle than a Marie Antoinette banquet- you could also say they all make a delicate point towards the ‘balletcore’ aesthetic; a trend I’m gleefully embracing, but one that admittedly has been part of my style subconscious since I was about four (as my mum and nan can attest to).

Now, I’m sure anyone who has been at either of the two adult ballet classes I have attended so far this year would say, I am no natural ballerina. Most of the drama I produce from my dancing is dependant on whether I’ll accidentally kick somebody and unfortunately for me, there is no leotard, pair of Bloch shoes or slick enough bun that will honour me with the grace, musicality or flexibility to fool anyone (I have told my teacher I am willing to be her ‘project’ student if she so wishes). But! Let me tell you! I am trying! If I can’t nail the moves in class, I can assure you I’ll desperately try and nail the dressing up part (this girl is truly all leotard no idea); give me a wrap cardigan, some tights and a sheer skirt any day of the week and I’m a happy girl.

And, aside from the dancing- one thing I love about ballet, is the theatre and camaraderie of it. I’ll never forget the first time seeing The Nutcracker at Christmas and feeling like I was completely in another world. The playfulness and romance. The escapism. The magic of making something so skilled and strong look so soft and delicate, in a way that looks so effortless but requires more effort and awareness than most things I’ve ever turned my hand to.

Thankfully, I’m joyfully at an age where I can *just* about relax into being comfortable with not being very good at something. Which when you take actually being good away; largely leaves the fun of it left to be enjoyed, and what a special thing that is! So as well as a post dedicated to some of the most brilliant new (ish to me) brands that would make for excellent chassé-appropriate attire, this is a bit of a note to self to just having a little bit more fun. Knowing that whether you’re 4 or 74, dressing up for a mid-week dance when you’ve got two left feet is okay, and sometimes (or, hopefully a lot of the time) it’s about the joy of it that counts. Cloud-like dresses and all…

To Wear


I remember discovering Sophie’s brilliant brand Rabbit over Christmas and falling in love immediately. With all of her piece’s delicately hand crafted; whether that’s knitwear on antique machines, hand crochet or careful intricate illustrations screen printed onto fabric; everything feels fairy tale like- marrying something that feels both pre-Raphaelite and new romantic all at once. Inspired by everything from Shakespearean theatre costumes, period pieces; with some made from archive Alexander McQueen silk making them even more special. Rabbit’s SS24 collection has been worn by endless front women, including The Last Dinner Party; sealing that it truly has ethereal front woman written all over it.

Up From A Dream

If you’re ever after the perfect printed smock midi that will take you through the years and seasons (from office to party to dancing and back again), Up From A Dream have some of the most special handmade offerings. Created using organic vintage and deadstock fabrics, each dress; be it with tiny delicate florals, needlepoint cord or combining ticking stripe with ruffles- has something that makes it truly unique and special.




Salter House

Oh my goodness, if money was no object I can confidently say I would live in Salter House. Everything they stock is magic- from period inspired nightwear in the most delicate cotton, the most stunning fairy-like organza (from their Hannah Kristina Metz collaboration), pointelle undies and home wear that truly paint a picture of a life I would love to climb right into.


Although Amy and her beautiful brand are about to go on a hiatus, I couldn’t not include her when I was thinking of some of my favourite new brand discoveries- and having admired Amy’s skill and eye for years I was so excited by Darla. Combining timeless silhouettes with romantic modern fabrics, each piece is crafted with so much care and truly oozes an old school elegance. You can pick up some of Amy’s beautiful designs at the Salad Days Market on the 9th  of March at a discount too, so definitely take note!


After spotting their newest look book, styled by one of my favourite stylists, Rachel Bakewell; I was in love with Lovaan. Inspired by the love founder Anna felt when exploring her grandmothers’ wardrobes as a child, and the magic and timelessness those pieces held- Anna’s dresses are designed to be worn and loved forever, with intricate detail and a carefully considered femininity that will make you fall in love too.


Hill House Home

Famous for their nap dresses that are designed to make every part of the day feel beautiful, Hill House are some of the best at rethinking classic shapes in new and elegant ways. This frothy duster cape and tulle nap dress truly made me feel like both like Midge Maisel and that I *could* be about to go on stage at the Royal Opera House; which is exactly how you should feel in something so special, if you ask me.

Naya Rea

With dresses that have more tiers than an iced wedding cake, bows, ribbons and smocking aplenty- Naya Rea are champions at the perfect occasion pieces (that you could very much also wear with trainers whilst running for the 49 bus and feel a million dollars too).


Cabbages & Roses

One of my favourite British brands that completely combine both functionality and timeless beauty. Cabbages & Roses consistently produce collections that could be mistaken for things belonging to one of the March sisters- with dresses that are made for swooshing through fields in muddy boots and truly living in. Whether that’s their famous needlecord in a chintzy floral, or a heritage tartan- every item is lovingly designed and made and truly feels like real heirloom clothing.


If wearable silk dresses that feel nostalgic and playful are your kind of thing, may I point you in the direction of Hai. Whether that’s puff sleeves and dessert like dresses or more structured silk pieces for a different kind of daywear, Hai are the home of beautiful, wearable silks. Plus, their bags are absolutely beautiful too.



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