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The Hump Day Pamper Guide

hump day
noun informal
Wednesday, regarded as the midpoint of a typical working week.
“it’s hump day and perhaps the toughest day of the week for you”

With Google confirming all of my suspicions about the true meaning of ‘hump day’ (I definitely need to update myself on modern phrases)- it feels more than appropriate to celebrate the middle of the week (after a long weekend) with a post all about pampering. Lately I’ve learnt the charm of switching off early- and with a little chat to some lovely people across Twitter and Instagram, learnt about the ways you all love switching off too (in case I’ve missed anything here)! So, trust me when I say that running a bath, keeping laptop time to daylight hours, treating yourself to something delicious and unwinding at the end of the day can make a world of difference.

So, slippers on and hair up- here is my rundown of the perfect hump-day pamper evening!

Step 1: Ambience
I like to think of solo pamper evenings as a ‘date to myself’- dedicated me time that’s a little bit self indulgent, makes me feel good and without having to foot the bill either. Pick out your favourite candle (this one from SOH Melbourne is currently number one), let it fill the room and dim the lights (or keen ’em on if you want to paint your nails). Whenever I’ve had a stressful day Joe will run a bath, switch off the lights and pop a few candles on- it’s simple, but effective and is almost a guaranteed way of switching on the zen.

Step 2: Gather your materials!
It’s not for everyone, but my goodness does getting in to a book chill me out. I’ve recently acquired a few favourites, which don’t require an age to get stuck in to- and make for a perfect late afternoon pick me up, or early evening wind down treat. Plus, after checking phone apps like Moment (which track how long I spend on my phone daily)- I’ve realised how many pages I could truly tackle if I didn’t have the spontaneous Instagram scrolls- and these are a handful of the reads I’ve been loving…

Inside Vogue, How To Be A Grown Up, Ctrl Alt Del, Bloom, Ice Cream For Breakfast, Sweetbitter, The Curated Closet, Violet Magazine, Sunday Girl Magazine

Note: Switching off is great (and largely necessary) but for a lot of people some deserved scroll-time is a way of unwinding- so if you fancy a blog read, Insta-Story viewing session or a check up of ASOS new in, don’t deny yourself and feel guilty!

Step 3: Treat yourself…

What’s a pamper evening without something deliciously indulgent to eat? I am a serious ice cream fiend (give me desert over starters any day of the week), so hearing about Magnum Tubs was incredibly exciting for yours truly. Acting like a giant Magnum in a tub (i.e a thick chocolate shell and lashings of creamy vanilla ice cream with more chocolate shards inside through the ice cream)- it’s a total dream to get stuck in to and the perfect partner for your favourite box set. Coming in three delicious flavours (that’s almond, white and classic)- it certainly makes solo Bridget Jones moments feel all the more glamorous too. One spoon only, please!

Step 4: Make it a movie
Ice cream in hand, candles lit- it’s time to pick some viewing! Whether you get lost on YouTube, start a new series or turn to an oldie (but goodie)- I’ve listed a few of my favourite go-to picks for an evening in that fit my easy-watching criteria no matter what (and the things I could watch again and again and again).

The must-watch series…

Line of Duty, Stranger Things, LOVE, Peter Kay’s Car Share, Gilmore Girls (always), The Crown, Parks & Rec, Friends

Undisturbed film time…

Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging, Dirty Dancing (you see a theme here?), Bridget Jones’ Baby (how could I not?), Me Before You (if you don’t mind the tears), Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually, Knocked Up

Step 5: You, You, You
One of the best parts of any pamper evening is running a big ol’ bubble bath (or warm steamy shower)- hopping in, having a soak and using your favourite face mask. Prep some clean PJs, line up some nail polish for afterwards and dive in. At the moment I’ve been loving anything charcoal, clay or mud based (anything that deep cleans and offers tingles gets a thumbs up from me)- so taking ten minutes to really pamper is wonderful, and trust me when I say long showers and baths are the home of great ideas too!


Post in collaboration with Magnum, but love of ice cream, treating myself and relaxing all my own- trust me.

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