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AD | It’s Launch Day! My Collection With Papier…


I’m still pinching myself about announcing this today…!

If you’d have told 7 year old Liv, swimming in Woolworth’s notebooks, scented gel pens, sticky Pritt stick fingers and magazine collage tear-outs, that one day she’d be creating her own stationery range, even with dreams of being an ice skater- she might’ve thought that a bit far fetched. Designing and collaborating on my own stationery collection seems a bit bloody mad, but doing it with one of my favourite brands, and being trusted with creative freedom seems even more surreal. But! Today it’s here- and you can finally buy and get your mitts on my collaboration with Papier, which I am so, so proud of and excited to share.

When Papier got in touch a few months ago, I couldn’t have been more excited. It was a ‘QUICK! REPLY BEFORE THEY CHANGE THEIR MIND’ situation, and working on the collaboration, as something that truly meant I got to flex my creative muscles was so rewarding. It had been ages since I’d sat down, got drawing and not only did it properly reignite my love of drawing (even if I’m more of a serial doodler than anything else) but it was so lovely to totally absorb myself in something different and really focus on creating something that I hope you’ll think is as special as I do.

After a couple of meetings (one which consisted of me bringing a bag of notebooks, ribbons, and inspiration to a board room and getting ideas flowing), I created a mood board on Pinterest, starting with colour combinations I loved (with duck egg blues and vibrant corals being one of my favourites), and things I was drawn to- be it quotes, slogans or mantas, and started stringing things together. I then sat down at my desk and started sketching, flicking through magazines, the blog archives and Instagram- curating a collection of doodles that tied all of the things I love, and know people enjoy reading about and love too, together- be it places, items, and things that feel special to me and so many others.

From train ride doodles, a few email threads and a brilliant creative team at Papier who made everything more beautiful than I could have imagined, we have come up with a collection of a notebook in three gorgeous colourways, a yearly planner in three styles and a set of notecards- if you’re as much as a card writer as I am. As with everything Papier do, everything can be personalized and tailored exactly how you like- so it certainly won’t say Olivia on everything, I promise (unless you really want it to)!

(Image credits from Pinterest, but sources I know include: Amelia Flower, Design Love Fest, Yours Madly  & Danielle Kroll)


Anyway- if you’d like to read more about the collaboration I did an interview with Papier on their website here, and you can also shop the collaboration here too! AHH! I hope you love it as much as I do, and thank you for always being the most supportive, kind and cheerleading bunch. I am a very fortunate girl indeed.



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