Style · November 14, 2018

Autumn to Winter | AD

Post in collaboration with Russell & Bromley

Long time no speak, eh? I feel like I left the blog in late summer and came back to writing in the depths of winter (okay, Autumn- but a few weeks in a hot place does that to you). After flying from L.A to Dublin and then home again- the last few weeks have been a whirr of baggage collection, accents more exciting than my own and chasing my tail for a full eight hours sleep (but more on that soon).

But, I’m back! And delighted to be getting back into the swing of things, and indulging in the season in my favourite city in the world. Obviously I’m a little biased- but London does seasons very well- and the changing leaves, pumpkins and crisp mornings have really upped the ante in getting me excited for the next few months- and my wardrobe for that matter too.

Having done the ‘big changeover’ just before I left for the U.S- my winter wardrobe was hanging up and waiting for me after several loads of washing- and I couldn’t have been more grateful to Liv of October 3rd for making sure her wardrobe was more than linen summer dresses and rope tied espadrilles for when she got back.

Anyway- although I felt like a large proportion of my wardrobe was sorted as the weather got colder, it was some staple additions like winter boots and a carry-all bag for running around town with that I knew my wardrobe was missing. Enter Russell & Bromley and their shiny new Autumn collection- adorned with everything from their updated classic Brewster+ loafers and new buckle boots (which stole my heart)- it felt like one of my old high-street favourites had come to the rescue once again.

With the brand holding a very special place in my heart, Russell and Bromley are one brand whose collections I always look forward to. With my nan having introduced me to them from the age of about 14 (I remember borrowing, and later ruining a favourite pair of her boots from there)- they became the place I first invested in my first ever pair of fancy loafers (that I subsequently wore until they nearly fell off of me, see this post from back in the day for proof) and still go back to for timeless wardrobe classics that are always, always of an incredible standard.

So, to celebrate the new collection- I picked out a couple of my new favourites from them; the Striker boot and studded Brewster+ loafer, as well as the Bucketlist bag– to style with a few timeless wardrobe pieces of my own. Pairing the boots with a velvet midi and trench I’ve had for years- they instantly toughened up a more ladylike look, adding the kind of unexpected sartorial contrast I love with some otherwise quite prim looks. The same goes for the loafers too- not only do they look great with everything from work-wear to jeans and a tee (I would have loved these in my wardrobe when I was back at sixth form)- they’re the perfect understated twist on a staple, which adds life to simple outfits (read: a jacket and jeans) and compliments something more statement too.

Not only have I since worn the boots every day since getting them (they look equally gorgeous with tights and dresses as they do cropped jeans)- but I know I’ll be getting plenty of wear out of them as the year goes on- and probably many years after that too.



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