From The Archive: 2010

My first year of blogging and my first venture of documenting everything I wore from sixth form uniform, collections I loved and everything from my teenage bedroom (with a few interesting fashion statements made)...


a couple of my favourite things

This week I went a little spending crazy and bought a gorgeous dress and some sauve shoes. Thing is, I’ve been waiting to have enough to buy this dress for weeks and I’m so pleased to finally get it!

The shoes were quite a spontaneous buy, but after my Primark loafers finally wore out (after months may I add) I felt it necessary to purchase some long lasting loafers and here they are! Despite them being quite a fair bit more than I’d usually spend on shoes, I noticed Miss Chung and Miss Cotton also have pairs- so I feel I have done the right thing haha!

Both items are also incredibly versatile and go with pretty much everything, so I feel I have invested well- especially with the ‘greige’ of the dress tying in with the trends of this Autumn yay! Have you purchased anything wonderful lately?


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