Lifestyle · August 10, 2018

Steps To Self Improvement

Post in collaboration with Acuvue, but all thoughts on contacts, seeing in HD and being a sharp-eyed Suzie my own.

Self improvement felt like quite a big title for this post. It literally spans across so many topics for so many people, but today I wanted to put my own spin on it- and show that really, it doesn’t matter how big or small those little steps are- self improvement comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether that’s going to bed an hour earlier, not beating yourself up over something silly or, in my case, taking steps into a something that totally switches your lifestyle (read: getting contact lenses)- it’s certainly not a one size fits all.

So today that’s exactly what I’m delving into- my big ol’ contact lens journey- and transitioning from being a part time lazy glasses wearer (a.k.a whenever I could remember to pack them), to a day-to-day lens wearer with a whole new perspective on life (in more ways than one). After posting a little teaser of some of the work I’ve been doing with Acuvue over the last few months, I wanted to pop together a post explaining more about the journey, and why it’s been more important to me than I’d imagined.

After growing up wanting glasses more than anything (if you remember the line ’20-20 vision just a pair of empty frames, you’ll know what I mean), towards the middle of my teens I finally got myself some specs- and continued to wear them on and off for years- with everything from driving lessons, t.v watching and gig going all requiring them as a total necessity.

But, it got to a point where they didn’t feel convenient anymore. I didn’t want to wear glasses all the time, and I certainly didn’t want my vision to define me, but everything from cinema trips, running for trains (and never, ever being able to see the platform) and festival going became challenging- and I’d always be the one squinting at the back (or as close as I could get to the front) but was forever adamant that my sight wasn’t ‘bad enough’ to need lenses. With Joe having worn them for over a decade, it was my only sway in thinking that they surely couldn’t be that bad. Like everything, I’d heard horror stories- and mainly from the people who simply didn’t enjoy them- but, not wanting to delve into eye surgery yet, so I was willing to give the blister pack life a whirl.

After having a consultation at my local optometrists, and testing them out- I can hand on heart say I was blown away by how comfortable, soft and easy they are- I knew years of kohl liner application would serve me well! I came out and made a call to my mum saying how everything felt like it was in HD. T’HIS IS WHAT PEOPLE SEE!’ Seeing the sharpness and softness of how things look in real life felt like something trivial that I’d taken for granted for years, and it was only after getting my lenses I realised how much I’d needed them. I could read shop signs! I could see a platform change from a mile away! All the little things that I’d only ever considered inconveniences disappeared just like that, and suddenly fluidity from laptop time, to a cinema date to a walk in the park felt like nothing at all. It’s cheesy, but it’s true.

It’s completely changed the way I go about things, and knowing what I know now how un-intimidating, wearable and straight forward they are, I want to encourage anyone else on the fence to give it a go too. Unlike what I thought, you don’t ‘qualify’ for wearing contacts, and putting them in isn’t half as scary as I’d dreamt up (that’s this nervous Purvis for you). Acuvue have given back the clarity in my day to day, and if there’s any kind of self improvement step I’m glad I’ve made- it’s this- and I promise I won’t take it for granted again.



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