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A year of fewer questionable outfit choices, I finally found my blogging groove in 2012, and here you can find some favourite pieces, band interviews as they first appeared and a lot of hats too...

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In the deserts of Sudan and the gardens of Japan, from Milan to Yucatan, every woman, every man

(Top: COS, Jacket: C/O New Look, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Topshop, Necklace:

As I’ve often spoken about, my absolute go-to item is a good pair of trousers, and in particular a good pair of jeans- something pretty hard to acquire, but so worth the search. These black jeans I have had for years, and although they have worn from an over dyed black to a dusty charcoal they are possibly the basis to all of my favourite outfits. More recently they have been teamed with a worn white tee, loose chain and pyjama style blazer jacket, perfect for a ‘I’ve-thrown-this-together-but-am-still-attempting-to-look-trendy-look’. A reason why I absolutely love this jacket from New Look (I’ve also seen a similar style on Topshop here, which is beautiful!), who said pj’s were just for bed!?

Anyway, I hope everyone is well! I’ve spent the last three days in Nottingham, celebrating mine and Joe’s 3 years with pancakes, pasta, films and a good gig- which has been absolutely lovely. Whilst I was there Joe and I were also speaking about the music side of my blog. Once upon a time, this blog was solely music reviews and photos, and recently I’ve been dying to add some more of that into What Olivia Did, as I love new music, just as much as I love new printed trousers ;). So, in the next week or so, expect a little more coming your way (and a guest post from Joe himself!) I’m very excited!

Also, I’d like to say a HUGE HUGE thank you to all the love and tweets I got on Sunday (and a few bloggy comments), it really means the world to me and makes me realise that there are some genuinely lovely people out there, and I indefinitely do have some of the best readers in the world, so thank you thank you!


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