Style · October 9, 2017

Autumnal Accessories


Transitioning wardrobe styles seasonally can always be a bit of a minefield. There have been mornings where I’ve left the house wearing what can only be described as a shearling duvet only to realise that in fact, 18 degrees ain’t that cold. At the same time I’ve left the house at 8am with nothing but a jumper on and wondered how long it would be before my hair began turning white and icicles appearing at the end of my nose (ever the drama queen, I know).

But, determined to get the last wear out of some summer favourites whilst I can (read: before I have to layer everything with something wooly) I bared my ankles, pulled out a long-serving broderie blouse and embraced the fun side of Autumn dressing (sans rain-macs and inside out umbrellas that is)…


And! Let’s talk about these shoes too. Having been obsessed with these eighties style-shoe shapes for a while, with anything suede and bell heeled being an ultimate selling point- you can imagine my joy when I spotted these on the Urban Outfitters website. Add in the fact they’re not too dissimilar from styles I’ve seen on sites like By Far (sans the price tag) and we have ourselves a winner. I’m not totally sold on the kitten heel or sock boot just yet (no matter how many times I have to see all three members of Haim wearing them), but give me a few months and you never know what might happen…

(Blouse: Doen, Jeans: Levi’s Wedgie, Bag: & Other Stories, Shoes: Vagabond at Urban Outfitters, Earrings: Monki)




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