Lifestyle · June 18, 2024

The Fringe of It is back, baby!

…after 4 long years, we’re here and we’ve missed you! 

Happy Tuesday lovely people! I’m beginning the day with a bit of an exciting post, because if you need something silly, lighthearted and a bit of fun to keep you company this morning (with a tonne of excellent *can I say that??* recommendations) then, dear reader- you have come to the right place!

If you’re a little late to the party (which is fine, it’s normally us)- 6 years ago my friend and fellow superstar content creator Charlotte Jacklin and I began a podcast called ‘The Fringe of It’. A bi-weekly (now weekly!) podcast where we both sat down, mug of tea in hand and set the world to rights about the things shaping our lives. Whether that’s a deep dive into Telly Talk and the best on the box, a heart to heart on work woes, friendships or wanting to change the world (it’s not just Almost Famous at the centre of our universe, promise) or just a big DMC about navigating our late twenties and early thirties- we covered some serious ground. If you want to hit up the archive, it’s all here!

Anyway, after taking a four year hiatus (ahem) after putting out a whopping 59 episodes (deep breaths! deep breaths!)- which covered everything from friendships in your twenties, overcoming comparison, women’s health, the intimidating-art of managing money, getting involved with politics and more TV and laughter than you could shake your remote at when it’s run out of batteries- we are over the moon to be back nattering, laughing and connecting with a brilliant community of like-minded nana’s- all collectively navigating our way through the wins and the wobbles of millennial life.

The new season kicks off with a mammoth edition of Telly Talk, where we pick our favourite TV and films from the past 4 years. Easy, right!? We also welcome in two shiny new features, dip our hands into the bulging postbag, and tease what you can expect to hear over the next few months.

We have A LOT to catch you up on. Strap in, click here (or here, or wherever you get your podcasts)- and we hope you enjoy folks!


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