Europe Travel · July 3, 2024

A Trip to Aller Dorset…

(ad/press trip)

I will begin this post by saying- I am not really an outdoorsy person.

To those that know me, this will need no explanation or even declaring out loud. I spoke on this weeks podcast about having discovered hooded coats (guys- have you HEARD!) and have recently acquired a pair of wellies (which is impressive that I’ve gone 3 years with a toddler without any, maybe I’m more savvy than I realise!) but by and large, I am categorically what I’d call, indoorsy.

When I was dating and ‘on the apps’- seeing people on hikes, skiing and cycling not only slightly intimidated me but made me think we really need more indoorsy people! More cosy sitting! More gentle hikes up and down the stairs from cloud-like-cushioned sofa to cinnamon bun bed! I do not own proper activewear or anything North Face/practical (if you can excuse the solo pair of leggings I wear probably once a quarter)- although to my immense pride I have camped (properly camped! Not even in a nice tepee with toilets- I promise) on numerous occasions, did like it and do enjoy nature and being outside (which might sound contradictory, but I think there’s a distinct difference between being outdoorsy and taking great joy in nature and being in the outdoors).

Anyway! This is where I want to introduce you to the absolute bucolic heaven that is Aller Dorset. Having been invited there last week with Pink City Prints, to celebrate their new summer collection- I was giddy to finally get a peek into their beautiful hideaways, nestled deep in the Dorchester countryside and tucked away across beautiful farmland- and thankfully, there’s nothing apart from its dreamy location (and the tempting option of dinner over a firepit and wild lake swimming) that requires you to be a particularly outdoorsy kind of girl either- which works perfectly for me.



And there’s something very unpretentious and laid back about these beautiful Shepherd’s huts that make for the perfect mid-summer stay away. Despite the interiors being the stuff of dreams (and the kind of stunning set-ups you’d see filling your feed on Instagram), although expertly curated it feels considered and wonderfully inspiring (I’m pretty sure I took photos of nearly every corner and angle). With Matilda Goad, By Alice and Hot Pottery all making familiar appearances (some of the pieces you see in your cabin you can buy on their website– including the heavenly HEADBOARDS)- they all have a really homely feel, with hosts Cat and Ant going over and above to make your stay completely wonderful.



Marrying a gentle rustic experience with the comforts of home that make everything feel like true luxury; there are king sized beds opposite floor to ceiling windows with views of the vast green farmland, a fire pit for cooking your hamper of fresh local produce for dinner (or breakfast!) and the most inviting bath for a soak under the stars by fairy lights- which is completely magic. And if you ask me, there’s something about just looking up at the sky as the sun goes down whilst in the bath that is the kind of outdoorsy I could absolutely get used to.





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