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Everything Good In My Make Up Bag Right Now

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Hello lovely people! It’s been a few weeks since I popped something together on here- I’ve been busy bedding into writing a little bit more on Substack, so haven’t wanted to spread myself too finely, so thank you for being patient with me! It felt very timely launching over there for the first day of spring, and I feel like I’ve been growing some little roots and finding some small confidence which has been a really lovely space for some more heartfelt and personal writing which feels a little bit scary to share on here. Admittedly, that feels a bit strange typing- as I feel like I’ve shared every up and down and life moment here since starting my blog in 2010 (and this website will always be my baby)- but it’s been nice to explore somewhere new, and keep moving with the times (despite my reluctance to ever do this as and when they’re happening). If you’d like to see what I’m up to there, you can click here!

I wanted to come back this morning with a little post about some of the very best things currently in my make up bag. Everything I wear on my face; much like my wardrobe- works on a pretty slow and well loved rotation. I find something that works and use it again and again- perhaps with different combinations, normally until it’s either discontinued or so worn out that the packaging has faded and it looks like it’s just come back from backpacking on it’s gap year- which, in my opinion, is a sure fire sign of a great product…

Anyway- without further nattering, here are the current beauty squad who, alongside a strong cup of Yorkshire Gold in the mornings have been getting me through even the sleepiest of starts and greyest of days, I salute you!

Ilia Skin Rewind Complexion Stick

a.k.a the foundation-stand-in stick that has truly changed my make-up game. Ilia have just been one of those brands that I keep dipping my toe into and keep becoming more and more impressed by. Getting excellent coverage, a gorgeous slightly-dewy finish and perfect base has never felt easier and every time I wear this I surprise myself by how *good* my skin looks. I can apply it so quickly (I normally buff it out with a brush, but fingers also work fine) and it makes the morning getting ready process oh so very easy.

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Concealer

With the complexion stick, it’s not often that I need concealer, but there’s something about it that feels like a bit of a beauty safety blanket and this concealer is the one (as well as this Laura Mercier bad boy) that works wonders with blemishes, redness and dark circles- without feeling cakey or too thick.

Nars Afterglow Liquid Blush

a.k.a the perfect rosy flush with amazing pigment. I’ve been a liquid blush girlie for a while now, and anything from the NARS Orgasm shade is just always perfect. It’s the perfect soft pink tone and a little really goes a long way. This liquid blush also blends and dries beautifully which makes it look really natural and lived in without any redness (which, for a woman who is always rushing around and knows what the alternative looks like- I fully welcome).

Rare Beauty Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer

This may well be the best bronzing stick I’ve used, and I am currently devouring every last bit because it’s too good to waste any. I normally dot this on around the arc of my forehead and cheekbones and blend out, and I feel like it’s one of those products that’s so hard to get wrong. Even if you’re a little bit heavy handed like me (and have the tendency to use a make up stick like an excited toddler with a Crayola)- this blends out so well meaning you can really achieve a natural ‘oh me?! Just a long weekend in Cannes!’ look.

Suqqu Eyeshadow Signature Colour Eyes

When I was growing up I remember my mum always having a signature eye make up look which included blue eyeliner in her waterline and a gold shimmery no7 eyeshadow- both of which just looked like ‘her’. I feel like I’ve fully adopted the shimmery eyeshadow as my own, and whether it’s ‘cool’ or not, is just something I have seemingly done every day for years now which always lights up my eyes and feels like me. This Suqqu palette is a current favourite (I love the rose gold shades), and their colour offering is always *so* good.

Victoria Beckham Baby Blade Brow Pencil and Vast Lash Mascara

Some people know Victoria Beckham for being a Spice Girl, some know her for her fashion- but I am going to have to say I now know her for her absolutely top tier eye products- because these may be some of the best I’ve used. Admittedly, there’s not *loads* that a brow pencil can do to blow you away (although this one is the perfect shade and size so it makes creating a fluffy precise brow really easy) BUT the mascara is one I have repurchased twice already and is just so great. Not only does it give the perfect sixties-esque curl and length, but it’s so easy to remove (which shouldn’t be a selling point but really is). It just rolls off and is the least messy mascara I’ve ever had to get off, which- if you’re prone to leaving on your mascara in the shower, will know that is quite a feat to have. Bravo!

Trinny London Lash 2 Brow

Okay so I’ve only used the brow gel in this excellent duo, but it’s absolutely fab. You could probably go without pencilling them before as this has a lovely bit of pigment (but not so much it feels streaky or like ‘90s coloured hair gel wands- which I always fear)- and really helps keep them shaped beautifully.

Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder

I’m sure there are young trendy beauty people on TikTok insisting powder isn’t needed or the done thing; but when you’re as oily as me it’s almost as essential as everything else. This powder is a master at setting everything without leaving you feeling like you’ve baked anything on- you can do a verrrry light dusting and you’re absolutely set (no pun intended).

Lancôme Juicy Tubes

Because I like my beauty with a big dose of nostalgia, please and thank you. Why did we ever forget how great these are?! I feel like I’m in Winning London with Mary-Kate and Ashley every time I open my handbag and see the candyfloss pop of pink. They’re also the perfect not-too-sticky gloss and it’s very much become a lip balm stand in as an absolute handbag essential.


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