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Sunday Duvet Reading: This Week 13/03/2017

Bonjour! Salut! I feel like this week has flown by in a heartbeat- perhaps it was a mid-week trip to the French capital and a ride around by night on a motorbike sidecar (the whole trip has left me filled with happiness, carbs and a yearning to go back again) or the fact that this week it was announced that Mr Noel Fielding was to co-present the GBBO (which could potentially make me feel less gloomy about the whole C4 sitch)- but overall, it feels like quite an exciting one. I also feel like Spring has properly started to show itself too, even if I am back in my cardigan and heating situation this weekend, c’est la vie!

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to…

(L-R Sources: Scarlett Curtis, Rookie Mag, Deborah Lloyd, Betty Magazine)

The Podcast:
After having an extensive conversation with Joe this week about UK music and the way the chart now works with streaming/downloads (we’re a bit nerdy like that), I was really excited to see that journalist Laura Snapes has launched a podcast titled Unbreak My Chart with Fraser Mcalpine, discussing the top ten (or, ahem, Ed Sheeran this week) and music of the week. I haven’t listened to the UK Top 40 in a very long time (it used to be a bit of a Sunday night ritual along with Friday’s TOTP)- so this makes for a really interesting listen. I’ve also become very excited by the news of the launch of the Rookie podcast (YES TAVI) as well as my friends Monica and Ella launching their wonderful ‘Let’s Discuss’ podcast this week too. Go ladies!

The Must-Reads:

If there’s one person I’m constantly wowed at online, it’s Scarlett Curtis. Not only is she fucking cool (pink hair + tea tattoo dreamzzz) but she’s smart, articulate and actually talks about things that matter and making a difference (yup, I’m a bit obsessed). This week I adored her article about ‘how to change the world today’. The world can be a bloody overwhelming place at the best of times so by breaking down the big stuff and making the somewhat huge steps towards global issues more achievable by tackling the smaller ‘day to day’ things, I think we could all use a bit of this advice to start making the world a more happy (and pink) place (also check out her column in the ST Style mag too)!

And IRL: An IRL piece I also loved this week was in this months Red Magazine, and is an interview with Kate Spade’s chief creative officer Deborah Lloyd with Zosia Mamet, and is one of the most inspiring mag pieces I’ve read in a long time with Ms. Lloyd being someone I hugely admire from a business stand point.

The Event:
I hate to be that guy to blow my own trumpet, but if you’re up for a bit of fun towards the end of this month (or the beginning of April)- I have some suggestions (ahem)! The first is coming up next weekend and its a talk I’m doing for Betty Magazine’s Girls Club on working in the fashion industry alongside some other incredibly exciting names! Everything Betty do is hugely inspiring, and I’m so thrilled to be on a panel discussing something I’m so excited and passionate about, so if you fancy it head on over here (and add in ‘WOD25’ at checkout for 25% off too)!

The second event is something I also wrote about this week, and it is of course The Bloggers Market! I won’t reiterate everything- but if the 1st April is free in your diary have a nosey here too!

The YouTube Video:
As well as watching endless videos of Camille Rowe on i-D and Into The Gloss (maybe it’s because i’ve been in Paris, or wearing a shit tonne of slogan tees)- I’ve also been loving everything Charlotte Goodowl has been putting out. Not only is she creative as hell, cool, well dressed and original- but her videos are ridiculously inspiring, fresh and totally something new to the big wide YouTube sphere, and I highly recommend you check her out if you haven’t already.

Objects of desire:


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