Style · March 21, 2017

Springtime in Bath

(Coat: Jigsaw, Bag: Michael Kors, Top: Warehouse, Jeans: C/O Next, Shoes: C/O Next)

It’s very rare that I can fall in love with a city as quickly as I fell in love with Bath last week. If you follow me on social media you’ll be very much aware of just how much I loved it (I mean, how could anyone not) to the point where every time Joe and I walked past an estate agents we stopped to peek in (one can dream…) In short, it was an other-wordly kind of beautiful- meaning there’s absolutely no wonder the whole city is a listed world heritage site- which is saying something. Whether you’re waltzing around The Circus (and resisting peeking into the living rooms hidden behind huge bay windows), or meandering from the outskirts to the centre, I’m not sure I caught a single home or building out of place…

Anyway, before this blog turns into a Bath appreciation club (am I too late?) There’s a huge city guide coming up this weekend (which I hope you’ll love as much as I did putting it together)- but for now I thought I’d share the outfit I wore for a day exploring the city on the cusp of spring. Although it’s definitely up for debate as to whether it’s too early for white trousers (that and my clumsiness mean they never stay white for long), pairing them with some summery gingham with hints of rusty Autumnal tones bringing it back to the season- it felt perfectly apt for a day exploring (with the shoes even scoring top marks in the comfort-for-first-wear department)! Not bad for the beginning of March…


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