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Giftmas Gift Guides 2021: Day 2, For Pampering Your Pal…

(Plum & Ashby diffuser, Mama Moon candle, Forage Botanicals bath salts, Susanne Kaufmann St. John’s Wort calming bath, MOA Queen of the Night treatment, Our Lovely Goods Sunday Morning candle, Herlum hand wash, The Seated Queen cold cream, Katinak face mask kit, Karen Mabon Pyjamas)

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For day 2 of Giftmas, it’s all about bottling up that feeling of a full bubble bath, fresh pressed PJs and five minutes to yourself…

Arguably the easiest category to put together; it’s a cosy selection of all of the things that make my shoulders drop a little, make me take a deep breath out and properly go, ‘aaah’. If I could have my dream pamper evening- it would look a lot like the above, piled together with a big hot chocolate and an indulgent helping of Strictly Come Dancing. But! Seeing as I couldn’t add Giovanni to this category, I thought I’d share some other lovely things instead- and some lovely beauty suggestions I’m sure any loved one that needs spoiling would appreciate. So let’s start with the scene setters; Plum & Ashby have the most gorgeous home fragrances, and their diffusers absolutely fill a room with the kind of scents that ooze posh hotel room feels (which is a big yes from me). I also absolutely adore this candle from Moon Mama, which is their ‘Divine Guidance’ one, and smells like what I imagine Brad Pitt might smell like (read: really, really good). I also love the ethos behind the Moon Mama candles and the tie they have the art of ritual making and a bit of magic, which is always pretty special too, and makes the process of lighting one of their candles feel all the more magical. For something to start the cosiest of weekends, I love Our Lovely Goods’ Sunday Morning candle too (they have some of the best named candles out there); light it with a bath filled with this Susanne Kaufmann calming bath (the biggest treat) or some of Forage Botanicals Pre-Menstrual bath salts, which also make for the most thoughtful gift. In terms of skincare, I pretty much love everything MOA come out with (including this beautiful Queen of the Night treatment), and have also fallen hard for The Seated Queen Cold Cream too- which can do the work of a cleanser, facial and night mask (truly, get you a cream that does it all). For a special at-home facial, I love Katinak’s cute-as-a-button kits (it’s the spoon and brush for me) as well as their gorgeous homemade soaps too. Finally, who can say no to a fancy hand wash or pair of PJs? Herlum is a beautiful made-in-Britain beauty brand using sustainably sourced ingredients (including waste florals) and is every bit as gorgeous to sniff as it looks by your sink. I also had to include the dreamy new Karen Mabon pyjamas in their Botanical Gardens print, which would make the dreamiest luxury gift too.

And for the gift of a little more ‘me’ time…

  • All about the oils: From essential, to bath to diffusers; Mood Oils have it all (in v. cute packaging may I add). I also love Wild & Wood for the ultimate bath and shower experiences (honestly they have petal bath sets and milks which are HEAVEN), and Pennies and Feathers for their beautiful story and natural product line.
  • Let’s get COSY: For the coolest dressing gown (and matching socks) head to thy.self– arguably one of (if not the) coolest wellness brand on the block, who offer community as well as some amazing events to watch out for.
  • and if in doubt… pyjama! I know I’m not alone in thinking that there are few things as luxurious and special as receiving a perfect new pair of pyjamas. A few of my current favourite brands to go to include (but are very much not limited to); If Only If for the most heavenly night gowns, Sian Esther PJs for scalloped gorgeousness, Kate Barnét for the fanciest quilted robe in dreamy prints, Goodnight Creatures for beautiful prints in varying shapes and Hermit for legit hotel-bed-sheet-soft jim jams.
  • Another Little World: If you happen to be based in the south-west, Another Little World is the most gorgeous beauty spot offering dreamy treatments. For other treats across the UK I always, always encourage a little trip to the Lush Spa which has some of the best treatments I’ve tried.
  • And for something a little more bespoke: For bespoke gift boxes straight to their door, Parcel London do some of my absolute favourites. There’s always such a gorgeous variety of gifts (not *just* saying that because they now offer my book on there, I promise)- but they truly make creating something unique and incredibly thoughtful easy. Additionally, Bear Hugs and Any Day Made also have some beautiful offerings too.

I’ve also added previous links to guides covering all things beauty and pampering, if you need further reading too (as well as some extra picks below)!

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Come back tomorrow for day 3 of Giftmas, the ultimate £20 and under picks!



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