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A House to a Home

When this post goes up, Joe and I would have been in our house for nearly a month, and it’s already amazing how it’s changing, developing personal touches and really becoming a home. Coming home from a day in town doesn’t feel weird- it’s my new normal getting off at a different station, and I look forward to evenings cosied up amongst the cushions watching Love Island and nights on our mattress listening to the rain patter outside on muggy July evenings. But take note here folks- the cushions and mattress are very much still without sofa and bed frame (why do these things take so much time?), so it’s taking a little bit of extra effort to make things feel homely when there’s Big Yellow Boxes standing in for where a sofa should one day be.

And that’s where the little touches come in. Candles that fill a room, embroidered cushions, chunky throws and prints collected from travels and equally newly acquired- all putting in the extra legwork to make things feel suitably more us. Despite having collected a handful of prints over the last few years, it was a recent browse of Desenio that had my heart a flutter. There were a few spots in the house that needed a little somethin’ somethin’ added, and I think I’ve found some solutions in the shape of their gorgeous prints. From this illustrated herb print which has a beautiful vintage feel, reminds me of old recipe books and sits perfectly in our kitchen, to the more contemporary photographic prints which we love. Pink seems to be a running theme in the house, so the undertones from the photos in each room tie everything together pretty splendidly. It’s been so nice starting to add some more personal touches (as well as plenty of family photos too)- so do expect plenty more interiors coming up soon!

P.S, If you love these prints as much as me (plus some of their gorgeous new ones) you can use the code ’25OLIVIA’ between the 25-27th July for 25% off your order (except from “handpicked” and frames categories)- have a nosey!


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