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What Olivia Cooked: Homemade Bounty Balls

Coconut Bounty Balls Recipe

Considering how much baking I’ve done in the last few days, I’m surprised it’s taken so long to get a recipe up on here, so apologies for the delay! Massive doh…

Anyway- of late I’ve been trying to eat a little healthier. I’m certainly not unhealthy by any means, and getting my five a day is usually high on my daily to do list (not literally) but given what I see on Instagram on a day-to-day basis (breakfasts laden with chia seeds, cacao nibs and quinoa for lunch)- I usually feel pretty naughty when I’m sitting down for a packet of chocolate buttons (always worth it guys) or sneaking into the fridge for a slice of cheese (we have all done it).

So- in attempt to make my snacking marginally less naughty, and more cheeky- I put together a little somethin’ somethin’ for some homemade bounty balls- like the ones you get in the shops, but minus a lot of the nasties! On top of that, these are so easy to make- who said being healthy had to be hard?

You will need:

– 200g broken up dark chocolate (I used Bourneville as I like the sweetness, oops)!
– 100g desiccated coconut
– 4tbs coconut oil
– 80ml coconut milk
– 40g icing sugar

1. Mix the coconut oil and desiccated coconut with your hands until it comes together a little. Add in your milk and then stir until blended well.

Coconut Bounty Balls Recipe

2. Add in your icing sugar to add a little bit of sweetness (the amount is totally up to you, you may want to include more or a little less, depending on how much of a sweet tooth you have)!

3. Mix it all up and roll into small balls. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper, pop the balls on the sheet and refrigerate your treats for one hour- or until hardened.

Coconut Bounty Balls Recipe
4. Pop your broken up bar of chocolate in a saucepan on the hob, and melt on a low heat (without stirring- this helps avoid lumps) and leave to cool on the side.

Coconut Bounty Balls Recipe
5. Take your balls out of the fridge and dip them in your cooled chocolate, before refrigerating for another hour and then sprinkling with coconut to serve- yum!
Coconut Bounty Balls Recipe

If you give these a go yourself don’t forget to use the hashtag #bakewithliv so I can see! Also, let me know if there’s any recipes you’d like to see!


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