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My Summer Morning Skincare Essentials

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Like making time for a bowl of Crunchy Nut, putting my contacts in and making the bed all nice for when I get in it again later- doing my skincare every morning is pretty much a non-negotiable when it comes to getting ready in the morning.

It sets me up for the day; and on days where I don’t have time for a full face of make up, or have had a bit of a long ol’ night; it’s the small ritual of taking a few minutes to wash my face and pop on a few lotions and potions which seem to have a real power of making me feel human again (yes, I did just say lotions and potions- I am 90 years old).

Anyway- as with make-up, when the weather changes and things warm up a little, my skincare shifts slightly; making way for products that can offer a little more glow, protect a little more from the sun (although always SPF, kids) and give my face a little bit more of a drink when things get a bit dehydrated. So! I thought I’d share a handful of products I’ve been using non stop over the last couple of months- fully establishing themselves as fully fledged members of my summer skincare essentials…


The Cleanser: BeautyPie Plantastic Apricot Butter Cleansing Balm

Okay not only does this smell like summer breakfasts in the garden and apricot Petit Filous; but it’s without a doubt my favourite cleanser morning or night. It gets rid of absolutely everything (including stubborn eye make up) and makes my skin feel silky smooth without feeling oily at all. The perfect starter for a quick freshen up with a scent to match.

The Mist: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Hydrating Face Mist

This feels like one of my more ‘luxury’ beauty products, but after cleansing this does an amazing job at rehydrating and freshening up my face before applying my serums (and I’m no expert but apparently it’s better to apply serums/moisturiser onto slightly damp skin?) Anyway! It’s also amazing to have in your bag throughout the day to add a bit of extra hydration and glow when things might start drying out, and very tactfully does everything very lightly so you never look damp or sweaty, which is very pleasant indeed.



The Serums: Fresh Vitamin Nectar Glow Juice Serum / Typology Acide Hyaluronique & Vitamin C

Tried and tested, these serums from Fresh and Typology deliver serious glow. With Fresh’s inspired by ‘cold pressed juice’ (really, say no more) it leaves skin energised and hydrated- with Typology’s Acide Hyaluronique notching up the hydration and smoothness too (I also l o v e their Vitamin C serum for added radiance and use this on rotation with the Fresh one).

The Moisturisers: Weleda Skin Food Light / Sunday Riley C.E.O Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream

At the moment the two moisturisers I have on rotation are Weleda Skin Food Light (I am head over heels for their ‘Rich’ version, but this is a great lighter alternative when it’s hot and you need something that doesn’t feel too heavy), and Sunday Riley’s C.E.O Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream which is an absolute dream for hydrating, brightening and adding visible glow which is always needed first thing for yours truly.

The SPF: Elemis Daily Defence Shield SPF 30

Ah, the dream SPF! The cherry on any skincare cake- and this one is the perfect end to any skincare routine. It’s not too thick, absorbs really quickly (which makes make up application on top a breeze) and doesn’t feel cakey in any way. As much as I love the smothered-suncream-on-holiday feel (and smell), this feels a hundred times lighter and makes applying SPF under make up as easy as brushing your teeth, so there’s no need to forget folks.


Photos by Beatrice Granados


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