Beauty · September 10, 2020

Scents of Summer: My Most Worn Fragrances

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Considering I’ve been sat at home solidly for nearly six whole months I’ve felt immense pride on days I’ve put a pair of trousers on, let alone a fancy fragrance. Perhaps in my head I’ve always seen perfume a little like a special dress or a nice bag- something mainly for special occasions and normally only ever when you plan on going out…

But! having had to reassess what warrants a special occasion when your days jump from daily PMQ’s on BBC News, to a commute looking like making it from bed to sofa and back in a day- much like clothes, wearing a favourite perfume to waft around the house in (quite literally) has become a little less sacred and part of the little rituals that make each day feel a tiny bit fancier.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m hardly lathering up on a Tom Ford number every day when I’m still in my pyjamas, but here are a few favourites I’ve come back to again and again- for days both inside and outside the house…

April Morning  by Love Stories – 

Comfortably one of my favourite scents, I picked this up last year and have loved wearing it ever since. It reminds me of warm summer skin and holidays (a complete go-to in my ‘what do I want to smell like’ today books)- a little musky but always feels so lovely to wear.

Aegea Blossom by Aerin –

This special scent manages to feel water light and heady all at once. Described on their site as ‘voyage of the senses inspired by the blue sea, cool breezes, and pure light of Greece’- it’s vibrant, florally and perfect for some scent escapism.

Clementine California by Atelier Cologne – 

This to me smells like summer- it’s truly sunshine in a bottle, and I wear it whenever I want a warm citrussy smell to follow me around all day. One where you might catch a sniff every now and again and go, ‘oh that’s niiiiice!’ (and then realise it’s you, which is a JOY).



L’Eau Rosee Eau De Toilette by Miu Miu – 

I promise I don’t just like the bottle. I promise I don’t just like the bottle! This feels like more of a ‘traditional feminine’ fragrance to me- it’s floral and musky, with a little spiciness to it and is something that feels a little more sophisticated and parred back when I wear it.

1957 by Chanel – 

There’s something that feels very grown up about having a Chanel perfume sat on your bedside table- and it’s something I always associate with my nan’s dressing table growing up. This beautiful scent has nods of Chanel’s classic white floral signature, and traditional musks- but doesn’t feel too powdery or ‘mature’ which I really like.

Bubble Bath by Maison Margiela Replica – 

I always, always love the Replica scents- and although their Lazy Sunday Morning and Beach Walk’s scents will always be my favourites- this new one had me at the name- BECAUSE WHO DOESN’T WANT TO SMELL LIKE A GORGEOUS BATH?! Although I can’t say my bubble baths smell quite as nice as this- it has that delicious clean laundry like smell to it which feels light, airy with a little soapiness too. If all my baths could smell this could I would be a very clean lady indeed.

Yuja by Jo Malone – 

I love this, because for me it feels a little different to the light and floral scents I always turn to. Although it’s fruity, it has a deep woodiness to it which balances it out a little and makes it a little more understated than some of my other favourite fruity fragrances.

Audacious by NARS – 

This is probably by biggest surprise love over the last few months. Perhaps I was fickle when I saw the bottle and assumed it would be something rich, oudy and heady- but this scent is soft, warm and floral and has the ‘holiday’ feel that I long for when picking out a new smell. This post on The Cut summarises it perfectly; ‘To me, it smells like stretching your bare toes in white sand, with a flower in your hair and a bonfire blazing in front of you. You’re probably a little tipsy and dancing with people you love. The fire is warm, but the air is cool and comfortable.’



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    Candice Sandler
    September 10, 2020 at 9:11 am

    These are all such lovely fragrances


  • Reply
    Claire Smith
    September 11, 2020 at 9:38 pm

    I’ve never heard of any of these perfumes but the way you describe them makes them sound perfect for summer <3

    Claire, G is for Gingers

  • Reply
    Olivia Annabelle
    September 13, 2020 at 10:13 am

    Now I feel like running to Selfridges just to smell them all! They all sound heavenly!

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