Beauty · January 12, 2021

The Bébé Beauty Picks: Pregnancy Friendly Skincare & Body Care I’ve Loved

*post contains press samples and affiliate links

If I’m being honest, when I became pregnant, I didn’t expect to be changing a huge amount in my skincare routine- but actually, looking at things now- it’s seemingly done a bit of a 180 on itself…

Although there have been ingredients I’ve been a little more wary of (I’m certainly no expert and definitely encourage you to do your own research product by product)- initially things didn’t look all too different on my bathroom cabinet- and saying that, throughout the last 8 months my skin has stayed relatively similar- with seemingly monthly breakouts and combination oiliness (masked as a glorious glow) being continuous frontrunners pre and during pregnancy.

But! Admittedly, I have definitely seen the last 8 months as an opportunity to embrace some new products, pay a little more attention to more gentle ingredients, and above and beyond- look after my changing and growing body a bit more- because, crikey, it’s working hard (and before now I was award-winningly lazy with anything from the neck down- glamorous, I know). Now, despite what some of these products suggest they help with (and from experience, do help with)- this post isn’t about removing stretch marks or ‘fixing’ anything. I am nothing short of proud of the work my body is doing, and if that comes with a few ripples and lines than so be it.

This is about giving your body some well-deserved TLC- whether you’re battling itchiness (which heavens above, is a bloody thing), general discomfort or wanting to help feel like the goddess you really are. So, I thought I’d share a handful of brands and products that have played a pretty integral role in my skin and body care wardrobe over the last few months, all of which have been on constant and consistent rotation and have this lady’s firmly stamped seal of approval.

Typology – Custom Prescription (cyclic pimples and dehydration)*

Typology is a bit of a new discovery to me, but after being contacted by the brand and being offered to try their personalised prescription service, I was very interested. Initially, they looked a little bit too cool for school (anything with packaging this lovely means I’m probably going to wonder whether it’s all style over substance)- but having used near enough a whole routine for the last two months, can indeed vouch for how brilliant each item is. The magic of Typology, is that the products are fuss free.

They don’t contain tonnes of unknown ingredients and you’re also able to take a questionnaire (or prescription) online to gauge the kind of things you need in your routine- if like me you find knowing which serums and oils to incorporate into your life a little overwhelming too. Thankfully, after taking their online skin-quiz (for want of a better phrase), I was given both an AM and PM routine, an order of use and what everything did and contained- which meant I knew exactly what was going where and how to expect things to help. Skincare shouldn’t be overwhelming, and stripping it back to basics over the last couple of months has been really rewarding (and I have also very much loved using a cleansing bar every morning too)!


Pai – Light Work Cleanser & The Gemini Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seed 2-Step Stretch Mark System*

I feel like Pai are just one of those brands that I turn to again and again whenever I’m unsure where to step with my skin. The Light Work Cleanser has been a consistent favourite from day dot (whether you choose to use it day or night, it always makes removing everything from heavy cat eyes to a gentle morning wash very easy)- but The Gemini Set was a new addition for pregnancy, and something I’m so glad I discovered. Built of both a cream for day time and oil for evening (which very much reminds me of the cleanser), they’re both perfect for accommodating growing and stretching skin- making the process comfortable, gentle and soothing (and free from fragrance, essential oils and anything that could add to any irritation too).


Mamma Mio – Tummy Rub Butter & Pregnancy Boob Tube*

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, a friend said the absolute number one thing I had to buy to help care for skin was the Mamma Mio Tummy Rub Butter– and I can confirm, she wasn’t wrong in how brilliant it is. Just the most super-absorbent, gentle and creamy moisturiser, that is brilliantly hydrating and soothing for growing tummies. I have also loved their Pregnancy Boob Tube for helping soothing sensitive and growing boobs, it’s also said to help improve elasticity which is definitely only ever a good thing right now- and any comfort I can get my mitts on I’ll take with two hands!

Summer Fridays – Babymoon Belly Balm*

If you’re after something more ‘balm’ like for your body, this is an absolute treat. The most soothing, deliciously gentle balm (that you can store somewhere chilled for ultimate cooling kudos), Babymoon contains a mix of natural oils and vitamin E- making it beautifully soft and gentle on the skin and the perfect product to pull out during the day for a little self loving and calming any aggravating itchiness, which is something I’ve been turning to again and again.




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