Beauty · April 2, 2022

The Spring Beauty Edit

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I feel like when it comes to make up, I only fully embrace a product switch up once the clocks have changed (yes, nan speaking)! I’m a true creature of habit- I know what works on me, I use products until they’re broken and empty and I know what lifts and adds glow to these tired chops. Sometimes switching things up feels like a bit of a gamble when I’m doing my make up when it’s still dark outside- so I stick to what I know again and again…

But alas! With a new season brings gorgeous new launches; and boy are there some to be getting excited about. I thought I’d share a handful of my favourite new gems; some from some much loved favourites and a couple of new discoveries too (with a couple of products I’ve pulled out from the archive too). There’s something about coming across a new foundation, or digging out an old hero that reinvigorates and adds a bit of sparkle to your make up bag that is pretty lovely- so I’m very much willing to open my collection to this wonderful bunch…

In the make up bag…

Vieve Skin Dew

Considering I’d all but abandoned any kind of highlighter until recently, this packs a GLOW. It’s substantial but not tacky (in the same way 8 Hour Cream is), glowy without being glittery and feels dewy without sliding around. I love something that I can put anywhere, and this is the perfect product for cheekbones, brow bones and literally everywhere where you want a bit of glow.

Trinny London Bff Rebalance

I was very excited to try this tinted serum, and it’s every bit as lovely as I’d anticipated. Being someone who only really uses concealer- this is the perfect base to pop underneath for a little more coverage and to balance shine whilst tackling blemishes and calming the skin too. It’s light, with good coverage and doesn’t sink into any lines either, which I love.

L’oreal Infaliable Fresh Water Foundation

And on the days where I need a bit more coverage? This guy. I’ve been very loyal to my NARS foundations, but for a ‘drugstore’ option, this is brilliant. It’s got excellent coverage without being too matte and heavy and I’m always a sucker for a bit more SPF in there too.


Rare Beauty Pore Diffusing Primer

Oh I have a LOT of time for Rare Beauty. Having discovered Ms. Gomez’s brand recently (forever late to the party), and having started testing a few of the products- I am impressed. I hadn’t used a primer in YONKS and this is bloody gorgeous that I’ve swiftly forgotten why I ever stopped in the first place.

Jones Road Blush Brush

Another gorgeous new brand on the block, Jones Road (founded by none other than Bobbi Brown) has some serious gems. Although I’ve only *just* started trialling the products, this Blush Brush is working incredibly hard- and is the perfect blending brush for gorgeously natural bronze and blush.

Benefit Dandelion Blush

I mean, a true pioneer of the blush brigade; this product is legendary for a reason. The baby pink blush is so gentle that it’s brilliantly difficult to apply it badly, but it also acts as a brightening powder- so you can apply pretty much everywhere for a really soft glow without looking red/and sweaty.

Rare Beauty Mascara

This little guy pretty much does the job of the two mascaras I have on rotation right now. It lengthens and adds volume perfectly, without ever getting spidery and is the perfect jet black too.

Rare Beauty Liquid Liner

Ooft the tip on this! It’s possibly the thickest felt tip liner I’ve tried, but I found it to be so easy to control, with brilliant pigmentation and it also lasted all day even with a… dewy (ahem, sweaty) face. The tip is flexible to allow to properly create the desired flick; and honestly? It is a joy to use.

Chanel Red Camellia Lip and Cheek Balm

Okay this lady loves a balm; and the more multipurpose the better. Chanel’s balms and soft colour are my favourite and this collection is absolutely no exception. It’s buildable and movable without being heavy, and is the perfect product to throw in your bag and whip out for top ups like the true Parisian you are/want to be.

Rare Nearly Natural Balm

Okay one more! For something more nude, this lipgloss/balm hybrid is bloody gorgeous. It’s the ultimate not-too-thick but never sticky gloss with every so subtle colour and I’m pretty sure I might be about to need one for each bag.

Gucci Eye Palette

A.K.A the ‘too good to touch’ palette. Joe ever so kindly brought me this for Valentine’s and having had my eye on it for so long I’m in love/can’t wait to try it/never want to touch it either. It has huge beauty heirloom vibes but equally the colours are so beyond beautiful I want to swipe them all over my eyelids too. Heavenly.


On the dressing table…

Jo Malone Rose Blush

Ah, is it a spring edit without a classic Jo Malone scent? Their Rose Blush is soft and light without being heady or powdery, and is the perfect feminine spring floral fragrance with a little warmth for those sunny evenings.

Maison Margiela Replica When The Rain Stops

The other end of the fragrance spectrum but one that I love just as much; When The Rain Stops (I know, THE NAME itself is magic) is the perfect unisex clean smelling scent, with a slightly masculine edge with fresh sparkly notes, and a little bitta outdoors which is always very welcome.


In the bathroom…

Annings of Dorset Shampoo Bar

Oh these Soap with Seashells bars… they are dreamy. In my imaginary dream hotel these are on my shelves in the shower, and are every bit as lovely as you’d hope. Pefrect for travel (or just cutting back on plastic); they’re the ultimate gift and perfect bathroom shelf partner.

Homework Garden Bath Soak (with rose petal, geranium and cardamom)

This bath soak has the same effect that your favourite candle does when you lift the lid; it fills the room with the most relaxing scent and literally makes you want to melt into a warm bath with a candle on (perfect because Homework do gorgeous candles too). The dreamiest product which makes me want to soak up bath season just a little longer (…I mean, when is it not bath season?)

Which products have you been loving lately?



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    April 2, 2022 at 11:25 am

    I want the Gucci palette just for aesthetic reasons!

    Danielle |

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    April 11, 2022 at 11:46 pm

    Love the shampoo bar – much more practical than bottles and better for the environment. Perfect 🙂

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