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A Couple of Little Home Updates


Having been in our home for five years this year (which is absolutely mad and I’m not entirely sure where the time has gone)- I feel like I can comfortably say we’re very much ‘bedded in’ and ready to gradually start switching things up a bit.

It’s a bit of a crazy thing to say when I feel like the internet can make renovations and home improvements seem like things that can happen overnight; but being in a partnership where neither of us have a DIY bone in our body (or the kind of savings pot that might allow for grand schemes to happen quickly); things are definitely a little more slow burning- which actually, I don’t think has been a bad thing (even if that means picture frames take several months to make their way onto a wall)…

I feel incredibly lucky to have our home, and although we’ve changed next to nothing since moving in (we were so giddy from the excitement of moving in and the fact it had been done up nicely, it’s meant that we’ve happily pretty much lived in identical décor as the previous owners ever since). But after several years, cracks are beginning to show, and the spaces are changing for us- so we’ve started to think about longer term living here; what that might look like and how to create a home with longevity and space for our little family if we want to be here long term.

Although I’m sure there’s another post for that for sure (where to begin when it comes to these things/how to find reliable suppliers/how to even articulate what you want onto paper all being big questions in my head)- I thought I’d share a couple of the most recent updates we’ve added to our home, which have a) given things a little refresh but b) meant that a couple of rooms are now a little more practical and loved than before…

The Bedroom

One thing we wanted to do after painting our bedroom a few years ago was to get some wardrobes built in. We already had some IKEA ones in their place, which although served a purpose, were at a bit of a funny angle which made getting things in and out a bit of a process and felt quite clunky in the space. After coming across Freeborn Carpentry and falling in love with their work, we decided to go for it last year and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome and how they’ve made our bedroom feel more streamlined, grown up and neat. They’re the same colour as our walls (Farrow & Ball Teresa’s Green) with Corston knobs, and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish we hadn’t done it sooner.

Recently I also switched up our bedside lamp when working with Laura Ashley, and again- it’s amazing the difference making little changes does. I know first hand how it’s not always feasible to take on big projects when you get the itch for an interiors change (I always wonder how people make switching up furniture so easy because to me it seems so cumbersome, especially when you’ve made such an investment) but it’s made such a difference just moving things around a bit- which although I’m sure is so painfully obvious to some, to this little novice- it’s very much a new novelty. Nick Knowles needn’t worry but my lamp is very happy in it’s new spot…



The Dining Room

Finally, just before Arlo was born- another room we decided we wanted to switch up a little bit was our dining room. Having had our table in the centre of the room since moving in, we realised we only really used it a handful of times a year, mainly for hosting and very rarely for much else. It sadly seemed like a bit of a wasted space, and living in a perfectly petite house; we don’t have a lot of space to waste. After chatting to the brilliant Cate (who I knew had a similar sized home to us), we decided to add in the addition of a little window seat (or banquette as I now so fondly refer to it as) to make the space feel more relaxed and useable; whether that’s for dining, working or just having a cup of tea.

One thing Cate said when we approached this space was to think about the feeling of when you spot the best seat in a restaurant or café; the window seat in the corner that you can just curl up in- which feels cosy and homely and welcoming; and I knew that was something I’d love to try and mimic. Whilst having our wardrobes done last summer, we also had this little seat made (with underneath storage because we need as much as we can get)- and I later discovered Beth from Porter House Studio who did the most incredible job at creating a custom made cushion for it too. It’s now become one of my favourite places to work in the morning as the sun comes up and has made the room feel so much more relaxed which I couldn’t love more.



(cushion; Luke Edward Hall for Habitat and print; Laetitia Rouget)

I know the list can be seemingly never ending with home bits, but sometimes I think it’s taking things one step at a time and making changes for the now if the bigger things seem a little far off. Maybe there’s another post where I can write down all of our ‘blue sky plans’ for our house (and maybe ask for any of your amazing tips and advice), but until now I’ll be on my fancy little corner cushion praying for spring to return…


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