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Beauty Favourites: Autumn Winter 2013

Beauty Favourites Liz Earle Clarisonic The Balm Clarins Elizabeth Arden Soap and Glory

It’s been a while on the ol’ beauty front hasn’t it? After a bit of thinking I thought I’d put together a mini series of posts with my current beauty favourites, seeing as they’ve changed a little since my last post. I know I’m no expert, but hey I’m a daily make up wearer and I’m sure that counts for something, right? ; )

As I mentioned in my previous beauty post, until last year my skincare routine was about as advanced as pulling out a cheap Boots cucumber wipe (nearly always on offer) and attempting to remove as much from my face as humanly possible, and then hitting the hay. I’d heard of Liz Earle (Liz Early? Who is THAT?!) from my nan (a committed fan pretty much since the word go) and my pal Rebecca– also, a dedicated skin-carer, but never thought as far ahead as to actually take care myself. However, introduce Youtube to the equation, and the addition of a Boots card- and things have changed a little around here. Here’s how…

Liz Earle Products Clarins Clarisonic

Liz Earle: Skin Tonic Spritzer| Cleanse & Polish| Brightening Treatment Mask| Intensive Nourishing Treatment
Ooh cult favourites you say? How original! But hey, there’s a reason Earle’s products are so well loved, and these are my go-to’s for a straightforward cleanse-to moisturised routine. Because they’re all pretty light and creamy I find my skin is always super soft and clean after a bit of Liz Earle, and I’ve especially become a fan of her masks of late- great for a quiet five minutes in the bath if I do say so- AND they get the work done. Additionally, I love using the tonic afterwards, which livens up my skin after a bit of cleansing.

Clarisonic: Mia 2
Trying this product out, I was a little wary as to what to expect. Having heard tales of messy break-outs and redness, I was a little apprehensive as to what the most fashionable ‘facial electric toothbrush’ would present. Saying that, I needn’t have worried. After using the Mia 2 for a solid 3 weeks each evening (or until it needed charging) I’ve noticed my skin become a lot softer and smoother, with breakouts being a real rarity- certainly something I could get used to. My nan even said how ‘bright’ my skin was looking- you can thank this bad boy.

Clarins: Gentle Foaming Cleanser
After using Benefit’s facial scrub since Christmas, and having a boyfriend with an extremely handy John Lewis discount, it seemed the perfect opportunity to try something a little different for my make up removal routine. I’d spotted this Clarins cleanser over on Kate’s blog, and thought I’d give it a go myself. Although, as she rightly noted- it is a little drying- but is excellent for a thorough skin clean and exfoliate- and all the better when mixed in with some other more moisturising products.

The Balm: Balms Away
Essentially a posh Vaseline, this product is pretty special when it comes to removing eye make up (I did also recently pick up Bioderma, which is also-a-mazing). After having my best friend tell me the wonders of using Vaseline to remove make up, it wasn’t until I picked this up that I realised how on the money she was. This is a super easy, moisturising way of getting eye makeup off (without having to tug at your poor lashes) and is a nice alternative to a liquid formula.

Soap & Glory: For Daily Youth Moisture Lotion
Compared to some of the thick moisturisers I normally opt for, this formula is incredibly light and grease free, and absorbs into the skin pretty rapidly. It promises to ‘reduce fine lines’ and at 20, this really isn’t something I experience much of (perhaps due to this ; ) but have noticed my skin a lot softer, especially in particularly dry areas such as my forehead and nose, which can only be a good thing?

Elizabeth Arden: 8 Hour Cream
In all honesty, this product needs no introduction, but I thought I’d slip it in for good measure. Kept by my bedside, in my handbag and in my make up drawer- this little balm is second to none for dry lips, and isn’t overly expensive at that either! Having been introduced to this by my mum it’s certainly taken over as top dog for my lips- and I don’t see it changing any time soon.

…and now for what goes on top…

Stay Matte Powder Double Wear Foundation Liz Earle Foundation
Estee Lauder: Double Wear
Let me tell you one thing- as long as this foundation is being sold, I’ll be buying it. Without a doubt my favourite beauty product, I sometimes wonder what I used before I discovered this. Although the coverage is quite thick, it’s also incredibly buildable and pretty much doubles as a concealer, meaning I spend less time fluffing about with other face products. It’s also really matte, meaning all my shininess is left up to my choice of blush and highlighter, and lasts pretty much all day long. Top marks Lauder.

Liz Earle: Signature Foundation
Now, on the off chance I’m having a very good skin day- a foundation a little lighter is usually my go to. Although this is a new addition to my make up bag, so far I’ve enjoyed trying this out. Although it is a LOT lighter than my general foundation choices, it’s extremely breathable- and is also good for building up if you’re a bit more conscious like me. It feels a little like a tinted moisturizer, but when you’re skin is clear and smooth for cleansing- who needs anything else?

Rimmel: Stay Matte Powder
It’s only recently that I’ve started using powder (due to having such a matte foundation) but when my skin is a little oiler than normal this is the perfect remedy for any unwanted shine- and lasts pretty much all day too. Not bad at all.


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