Beauty · August 8, 2020

My ‘At Home Hair Salon’ Experience Heroes

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Over lockdown I’ve gone from being the proud owner of a choppy bob, to an equally proud owner of a slightly grown out shapeless style which I’m equally fond of.

Admittedly it’s come with a few greys, plenty of split ends and less shine than I began with- but hey, it could be worse- and I’m pretty lucky the ‘growing out’ process has just been… well, my hair growing.

But! With hairdressers trips on hold, I’ve been trying to take a little more care of what’s up there than before. I’m not much of a masker, and shamefully heat protectant often goes untouched- but with six months of no trim ups, or deep conditions pre-cut, it was about time I started making a little more r&r time for my barnet.

So with that I thought I’d share a few of the wonder workers that have been in my hair arsenal over the last few months- in terms of styling it’s all been the wonderful Polly technique (which I know I’ll bodge up recreating, so enjoy her wonderful video)!

Kerastase Genesis Range*

(have worked with as a partner)

I’d very much understand you thinking I’m biased having recently spoken about this range as part of a paid project, but starting with a disclaimer- I’m not obliged to talk about it any more than over on the grid, but I frankly must because the range has changed my hair game, and honestly- I’m incredibly excited to be chatting about it.

As someone with fine hair (but a fair amount of it), one of my main concerns is breakage and fall- often when I’m showering with knotty hair I see the most damage, and when you haven’t got a thick head of hair, looking after it is always pretty high up on the list.

This shampoo and conditioner have been absolute superstars when it comes to gently nourishing and looking after my barnet- I always feel like I’ve had my hair washed at a salon after using them (i.e no leftover texture/greasiness which I’ve found with SO many products no matter how much I rinse) and my hair has felt in far better nick since using them from the start of the year. For any fellow fine-haired guys and gals, I can’t recommend this power duo enough. Cue Invisible Touch by Genesis…



Pureology Hydrate Range*

Another shampoo range that always gets a tick from me is the Hydrate range from Pureology- not only does it smell delicious (the conditioner is minty and always gives me a true shut-eye dreamy experience) but it truly helps any brittleness and dryness, which, for someone who is slack with heat protecting (I promise I will be better) always feels like such a treat.

It’s another duo that is 10/10 for true-purifying clean washes, and although it’s certainly not necessary to spend an arm and a leg on your shampoo and conditioner, when going to the hairdressers is off limits, sometimes going in for something a little more indulgent is worth the while.

Odacite Shampoo Bar*

Now, I’m pretty new to the shampoo bar game- but have always loved the idea of saving on packaging if I can find a product that cuts the mustard. Thankfully Odacite (home of some brilliant skincare too), have delivered a pretty top notch round with their number- and I’ve been seriously impressed since using it. Retailing at £27 for the full size it’s not cheap, but seeing as it’s meant to last the equivalent of three bottles of high quality shampoo- it should be seeing you well into the new year and then some. It lathers up beautifully, and my hair always feels incredibly clean and full of volume, which always gets two ticks from me- and no plastic either- win, win!


Living Proof Dry Shampoo*

I’m constantly on the hunt for the best dry shampoos to try and extend my time in-between washes- and as well as loving the Klorane Dry Shampoo* (which is very price friendly and efficient), I’ve also discovered the infamous Living Proof Dry Shampoo which is pretty excellent indeed. Arguably God Tier of dry shampoos, it’s got ‘Triple-Action Cleaning Technology’ (which I’m not sure what it means but YOU CAN TELL) and could probably clean stubborn oven trays if you gave it the time. It’s truly a best friend to any greasy barnet, and I’m hoping that with a bit of persistence I might one day be the kind of woman that doesn’t have to wash her hair every day. Maybe- I’ll keep you updated…

Elnett Volume Flat Hair Hairspray

And the finishing touch! Although I don’t ask Joe to spray my hair for an ACTUAL salon experience, this hairspray is a total classic for a reason. It adds shine, hold and has no crispiness (a texture I was very familiar with from the ages of about 15-20) which makes for a pretty good all rounder if you ask me. I don’t like a lot of hairspray any more (which younger Liv would definitely gasp at), but this is great for subtle volume and movement without losing any of your styling as a result. x



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