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A year full time and city guides a-plenty, my first venture into YouTube and a baby puppy addition- 2014 was an exciting one!

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What Olivia Loved in June 2014…

With summer fully making an appearance in June, this past month has been one of the most fun yet- and as well as turning the big 2-1 and celebrating with some of the most special people in my life, I got to visit Lush HQ in Poole (exciting post on that tomorrow), waddle in the mud of Glastonbury, host my first blog event (which was so scary and fun) as well as discover some new beauty/foodie/trendy favourites ready to share below- pretty busy, huh! Anyway- see below for some of my favourite things in June- it was definitely tough trying to narrow things down!

(1. Orangeasm Body Butter by Soap and Glory, 2. D’Fluff and Mint Julips by Lush, 3. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Limited Edition, 4. Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs, 5. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, 6. Free from Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner)

Some of my favourite beauty products of June were actually variations of products that already had my heart first time round- except in newer versions or new flavours or scents, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. For example, Daisy Dream has been my go to fragrance this month (just imagine it smelling better than how the bottle looks- yup, amazing). You already know how much I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs- so this was the perfect addition to my MJ scent collection. I’ve also loved using this exclusive Orange Flower and Camomile Cleanse & Polish which I picked up on a whim in John Lewis- and smells absolutely diiiivvvine (extra letters totally necessary). Speaking of tasty scents- Orangeasm by Soap & Glory is super refreshing and nourishing (perfect for use after my D’Fluff shaving cream) and definitely makes bath times a little more fun! I’ve also been loving Lush’s lip scrubs/snacks especially Mint Julips (which tastes like After Eights) and these fruity flavoured hair products from Free From Frizz (which look like cutie smoothie bottles) which are the perfect treat before applying this Nuxe oil to the ends of my hair- parfait!

Monthly Favourites June

(1. Frassy for Flossy shoes, 2. Sibling for Jacobs treats, 3. Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, 4. Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats, 5. Company Blog Award, 6. Betty Magazine London Guide, 7. #GIRLBOSS, 8. Oreo Dairy Milk)

Now for some random treats! Firstly, I feel I need to dedicate a little bit to some amazing chocolate I have discovered this month (which, I appreciate isn’t the coolest/healthiest thing to say but, pardon the phrase, yolo) in the shape of Oreo Dairy Milk and these unreal sea salted chocolate truffles. Okay, I am definitely late to the Oreo party, but with a little help from my dear friend Amy over my birthday- was kindly introduced and have never looked back. Also- whilst on the topic of tasty things, these Flossy shoesies (designed by one of my favourite bloggers, Frassy) stole my heart, and are one of the comfiest pairs in my wardrobe (plus, smell SO good- I know, I know- just trust me on this). Shoe wise, I’ve also barely taken my new kitties off of my feet after receiving them for my birthday- and probably will continue to wear them until they fall off of my feet (#jokingnotjoking). Also, whilst snacking from this rad Jacobs x Sibling tin (with all money going to charity) I’ve been busy ordering some books online, and intend on giving #GIRLBOSS a good read before the month is over- as I’ve heard SO many good reviews- as well as flicking through the new Betty Mag London guide cards, which, are the cutest thing ever- perfect for exploring and touristy fun, too! Finally you may have also seen that I scooped a Company Blog Award for Best Design Blog (nope, I have no idea how I blagged this one either)- but thank you SO much to everyone who voted and for all of your kind words, it truly means the world to me- and yeah, I have the best readers ever, so thank you- you special people.


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