Beauty · December 16, 2019

Trying Festive Beauty: More Is More Christmas Make Up


I know it’s cool to talk about classic festive make up which isn’t too ‘glitter and red’ and on the nose, but actually- if you know me, you’ll know I’m a sucker for a bit of sparkle. I wear a shimmery eyeshadow daily (thanks for the habit mum) and those are the components I like to mix together for a good ol’ festive make up recipe. So here it is- I thought I’d share my favourite more is more party season make up picks based on some year long loves.

Inspired by an unwavering love of everything make up artist Jo Baker puts together for Lucy Boynton (honestly, unbelievable)- I wanted to lean into the space-age silver looks, sixties lines and a few (biodegradable) stars for something a little snazzy but equally pretty wearable. After all, if you can’t play around and be a little braver with make up around this time of year, when can you?



Let’s start at the beginning! Base! As I’ve mentioned in a couple of places, I’ve been using the Chanel Sublimage Le Teint foundation*, which- honestly, might be the most beautiful base I’ve ever used. Having used it on my wedding day (it’s probably the most £££ foundation I’ve ever used so I’m savouring it like the last slice of pizza), it’s the one base I’ve used and continually been blown away by. Unfortunately, the shade selection is incredibly limited- by I can highly recommend NARS Sheer Glow, for an equally glowy and beautiful base.

For blush, I used the NARS Studio 54 Free Lover* blush palette (which inspired this whole post). The colours are poppy, bright but apply beautifully gently- so you can easily build up and blend colour, without feeling too theatrical or bright, which I love. I then popped on some highlight- mixing Lush’s Robin Glow stick with Topshop’s Glow Pot. Both are beautifully blend-able and make even the dullest base look healthy and glowy. DREAMY.

Then! THE EYES! For my more simple sparkly eye, I used the shade Incandescent from the Bobbi Brown Luxe Gems* palette which is nothing short of remarkable. It’s glittery, pigmented and packs a real punch for a sparkly eye (which sits well underneath liquid liner too- my current favourite is Glossier’s Pro Tip*- if like me you’re a serial layer-er). This is a great solo shadow from them too, as an alternative (and if a whole palette isn’t your bag)! If it is- I also love Charlotte Tilbury’s The Icon palette too.

Now, for something a little more fun- I pulled out the ol’ silver eyeliner. I initially picked up this Chantacaille Les Perles liner in the shade Argent from Space NK- which is a really beautiful, subtle product with good pigment. It’s brilliant for precision and a bit of shine, without being over baring. However- after being influenced by Katie Jane Hughes (surprise surprise), I headed into Lush and picked up their metallic offering in the shape of their liquid liner in Murex which is UNREAL. It’s pretty thick (I don’t think I quite used the right brush) but packs such an impactful punch, and would look incredible for more eye looks and a bit of Boynton-esque fun. It feels very old school and sixties in it’s pot, and I am truly SOLD. Big thumbs up from me.

But! If a silver line just wasn’t enough, I also added in some glitter stars underneath the arch of my brow, because if you can’t at Christmas, when can you? I picked up the NOMO biodegradable plant based stars, but have also heard brilliant things about the EcoStardust glitter and additionally have a soft spot for Glossier’s Glitter Gelée, which comes in a gel which makes it super easy to apply too.

Finally, to wrap everything up- I used a slick of clear lipgloss from Hourglass and their Unreal High Shine Volumizing collection for something subtle but playful too. It’s such a gorgeous gloss, and isn’t at all sticky or over the top, which I l o v e.


I hope you enjoyed this little beauty round up ahead of Christmas! It would also be so fun for the New Year, so I may have to pull out the stars on the 31st too…



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