Lifestyle Music · December 18, 2019

Your One Stop Christmas & Party Playlists


This months playlist post is set to be a little bit different. It’s the end of the year, we’re all exhausted and truly, if anyone’s asking- I just want to sit on the sofa, or on a train ride to somewhere cosy (lol) and listen to Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas song- is that really such a crime?!

So although my November playlist is sat right here ready for your listening (which is a goldie, if I’m blowing my own trumpet)- below I’ve added my absolute go to number one Christmas playlist (which has seen many years in the making and adding to) as well as a good ol’ boogie listing if you’re prepping for any disco’s or dinner parties. ‘Tis the season to be jolly- so I hope you enjoy some of my favourite bops and playlists (some of which aren’t mine but are too good to not share) to see you through the last couple of weeks of the decade- L E T ‘ S P A R T Y !

P.S I’ve also fallen deeply in love with Phil Spector’s Christmas album and this playlist from Alice Catherine, so once you’re done with the Liv Purvis compilation, it’s a cracker. No pun intended.

The It’s CHRISTMAS album…

Even though I’m a seasoned Heart Extra XMAS and Gold Radio listener, I like to think the above satisfies from even the cheesiest classics to some more contemporary Christmas listening.

And for some toe tapping further listening! 

  •  If you’re after some classic New Year’s tunes this Spotify playlist has some great classic bops on there which are total crowd pleasers and completely fail safe.
  • I also thought this would be a good opportunity to share… our wedding playlist! Totally unbiased with this one, but in my opinion it’s b r i l l i a n t (and made up of lots of songs from guests, so isn’t just me and my unwavering love of ABBA either)…
  • Finally this one from Florence Given which is, of course, EXCELLENT.

If you have any additional recommendations for brilliant party playlists, please ping them my way- the more the merrier at this party!



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