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My Latest Beauty Empties (and why I keep repurchasing them)

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It’s been a little while since I’ve shared some beauty favourites on here, and whilst in blog terms that might be a hot minute, in terms of bathroom shelf time- a lot of the same favourites have been on circulation, with a few familiar faces getting repurchased after they’ve run out. So, I thought it would make sense to share the things that are always missed once they’ve hit empty, and the staples in my skincare I know I can come back to again and again (and again and again)…

The Cleansers

Now, when it comes to cleansers I’m all about a good balm. Ooft. Give me one magic product that does it all any day of the week. There are several cleansers I come back to again and again (the Pai Rosehip Oil Cleanser is another fantastic one, and I’ve just started using the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser too which I know has firmly made it’s way into my collection)- but the handful I’ve already rebought include the BeautyPie Plantastic Balm which is worth it’s weight in gold, the Typology Make Up Remover Balm (another great remove everything balm) and Murad’s Essential-C cleansing gel which I love using in the morning.

The whole Murad Vitamin C collection is exceptional and I’ve also rebought the serum which although not cheap, is absolutely incredible at glow and hydration too.

The Magic Spray

‘…but isn’t this just like a fancy water?’ I asked myself as I went to try the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist for the first time. Normally I’m the kind of person who *might* pull out a face mist when it hits 30 degrees in London on the tube- normally to add a ‘IT’S A GLOW NOT SWEAT’ moment (which, naturally this can also do)- but having used this bad boy every morning and night for the past few months can confirm this is a special product (and not a tarted up cooling spray either). I use it just after cleansing and before serum- to keep moisture locked in and my skin feeling really hydrated in my nourishing skincare sandwich. I never thought I’d be so committed to something that didn’t remove hardy eye make up- but here we are!

 The Serums

It’s only in the last couple of years that I have come around to appreciate the importance of a serum! The completely necessary butter in your skincare sandwich (I promise I’ll stop with the sandwich references)- but the one product I’ll keep coming back to; from one brand who do them so well, Typology. I was first introduced to Typology during my pregnancy, but love their simple formulas and effective products which are built to accommodate your needs directly. I use their Hydrating Night Serum and Vitamin C serum and being so well priced and effective just keep coming back to them.



The Moisturisers

I’m a little bit less committed to one moisturiser in particular, but there are a few favourites on the skincare circuit that I always pick up if I’m out and need something to do me a solid. The first being Beauty Pie’s Japanfusion Power Elixir– which always, always delivers. It’s thick but not heavy, smooth but not slidey and instantly hydrates and absorbs for both morning and evening- a lot like Origins GinZing too. I also adore the Chanel Hydra Beauty Crème which is truly one of the best luxury skincare products I’ve tried. The scent alone makes me feel like I’m in a spa if I close my eyes, and it truly puts in the hard work to keep things looking hydrated. Another gorgeous product I repurchased over Christmas is the Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Cream (not that I think wrinkles need ‘correcting’ but this one is a good drink in a pot)-  and one that I have completely fallen in love with. I use it as my evening moisturiser, and it’s one of the best I’ve tried. It’s creamy, thick and literally leaves me glowing when I wake up (which, if you’ve seen me lately is a tough feat). It’s worth every penny.


And when they’re empty…?

I’ve been trying to make a sustained effort to properly recycle the beauty products I use once they’re finished- and although putting them in my standard household recycling isn’t the *worst* thing in the world (obviously trying to buy products that come in material other than plastic is best), lots of brands are now offering easy alternatives (sometimes with little perks thrown in too)- to make sure these containers see a second lease of life where they can. One thing I will say though, is as much as rewards systems are helpful if you already have products to recycle *can* sometimes encourage buying more you perhaps don’t need- so if you can, do recycle mindfully!

  • Lookfantastic and Hermes offer postage for products which means they can recycle your oldies into newbies.
  • John Lewis offer a £5 off voucher for future beauty purchases for bringing in five beauty empties.
  • The Supermarkets: Some Tesco, Aldi & Co-op stores offer points of recycling (worth checking from store to store).
  • MAC run a Back To MAC scheme, where if you bring in 6 empty products you can receive a free lipstick.

  • L’Occitane offer a partnership with TeraCycle in store where you can bring in anything to be recycled and receive 10% off a purchase.
  • Body Shop have extended their Return, Recycle, Repeat scheme and you can take any brand of beauty product into store to be recycled.
  • Kiehl’s offer points in store for bringing in your empties.
  • Space NK have started working with Handle to recycle empties properly and create mirrors and hairbrushes with old products (you can also visit Handle directly online to return products).
  • Lush offer 50p off a product for every empty Lush pot you return or a free face mask.
  • Circla refill some of your favourite beauty brands for you- GENIUS!
  • Boots have a fab points based recycling scheme in store.
  • Summer Fridays also accept old brand packaging to exchange for a gift.
  • Superdrug also have an extensive beauty recycling scheme (including the UK’s first ever medicine packaging recycling).
  • You can also find out more about local points and more specific ways to recycle on RecycleNow.



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    Melina Elisa
    February 25, 2022 at 2:22 pm

    I had no idea about these recycling options! I will definitely have to go to Loccitane & keep my summer fridays tubes! I already have to empty tubes, so I only need 3 more. Thank you so much for educating while sharing what you use. xx

    Melina |

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    February 25, 2022 at 7:15 pm

    So many great items!

    Danielle |

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