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Visiting the Lush Factory…

You know when you’ve really enjoyed something, you’ll come home and tell everyone about it who will listen? Well that’s pretty much how I felt after getting back from a press visit to the Lush factory last month with Carrie and Adrienne– yup, I was really that impressed, and trust me I’m already a big Lushie.

Ever since growing up as a high-street loving teenager, Lush seems to have been a part of my life. From when the first shop opened in my local shopping centre, to making endless baths as colourful as humanly possible when I first discovered the bath ballistic- to envying the cool knowledgable people they always seem to have in store and the fact they get to play with these goodies ALL. DAY. LONG. Anyway, it wasn’t until I visited their factories a couple of weeks ago in Poole, that it really struck me how much love, care and passion goes in to each and every single product.

Lush Factory Poole
Lush Factory Poole
Lush Factory Poole

Now, I know I’m probably getting a little soppy, but it truly blew me away to learn that every time you walk in to a store, those products are actually fresh (everything is delivered to stores as soon as possible after production to keep things the best they can be- with everything from the fruit in products being hand juiced), the bows on the gift boxes are hand tied individually (it’s a little like Santa’s workshop in parts of their HQ) and each drop of scent has been carefully measured and poured to bring you the sweet smelling goodies we all know and love.

Lush Factory Poole
Lush Factory Poole

It also meant a lot to know that they’re super careful about the environment, animals and how things are created. With their SLush fund (Sustainable Lush fund) being a key focus, the brand are keen to develop partnerships with the communities that they work closely with- from buying (and protecting) 6000 hectares of Amazonian rainforest to later be used for sustainable rosewood in their products, as well as partnering with communities who bring us the Aloe and Shea Butter used in their charity pots. Wow indeed. They certainly have all grounds covered, rainforest and all.

Lush Factory Poole
Lush Charity Pot

Finally (in fear of literally writing an essay about the brand) we also paid a visit to the Lush Kitchen– a corner in one of the factories, where talented team members create one off products on a weekly basis, available exclusively online and handmade fresh to order (plus, once they’re gone, they’re gone- so get there fast)! With shelves filled bursting with dried petals, sweet scented natural oils and ingredients not out of place in your very own kitchen- this little place is a real haven of what truly makes Lush special- handmade, delicious and completely fun (have you seen their product names?) and I blooming love it- thank you Lush!

Lush Kitchen


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