Europe Travel · February 25, 2019

London Loves: Meet Gloria

*Meal complimentary, but all opinions are my own (and I was very much a fan to begin with)

Whenever I go to Paris, one of the places I always make sure to visit (and equally recommend to everyone I know visiting), is Pizza Popolare

Having first visited a couple of years ago on a wonderful girly trip, the ragu, profiteroles and incredible Italian menu are something I always know will make for a memorable trip (plus, Big Mamma– the group behind the restaurant, also have a handful of other gorgeous spots, so if queuing is a little crazy, there’s always back up)!

Anyway- when I heard on the grapevine that Big Mamma were bringing their pasta, burrata and family-party-style atmosphere to London, I couldn’t have been more excited. This gal rarely sees anything but her dressing gown and slippers on a Saturday night- but for this launch, I was happy to put that to one side. Perched in the middle of Great Eastern St, Gloria– with her sunshine yellow facade and traditional trattoria aesthetic- is anything but a wallflower. Standing out amongst the red brick and graffiti of Shoreditch, entering to upbeat Italian tunes and friendly faces feels like coming home to a local gem (and not so cool and moody that you need a candle to find your table either)…

With the menu consisting of fresh and authentic small plates, full pillowy crusted Neapolitan pizzas, generous pasta portions and Italian cocktails (one of which may or may not boast burrata too- I KNOW)- the menu feels traditional and comforting with a few additional surprises (the 10 level lasagne definitely being one). Plus, whether you’re dining in the ambient wine room, or drinking downstairs in the ‘Tranquility Base Hotel’ style open kitchen- every space here is a treat (I’ll let you discover the bathrooms for yourself, though…)

Although it works on a no bookings system and first-come-first served, Gloria is completely and utterly worth the wait (rich, for a girl with little patience). I know in London queuing for food can be tedious- but trust me when I say it’s worth hanging about for. Whenever Joe and I have visited in Paris, we’ve gone for opening and have never regretted clock counting for their truffle pasta- this much I promise you!

54-56 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3QR



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