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The Best Etsy Wedding Shops | AD

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With wedding planning in full swing and the countdown firmly running into the final 3 months before we say ‘I DO!’ Shopping around for finishing touches and the little somethin’ somethin’s to make things come together has been one of our top priorities (as well as, you know, sending out the invites).

With Pinterest being the main place you typically go for wedding Inspiration, I’d confidently say Etsy is the place you go for making that inspiration a reality. Whether you have a budget to stretch, or are trying to be a little more frugal with how far each little addition goes- Etsy is somewhere that can help tie everything up into a beautifully (hand-dyed) bow and make things truly look effortless. I remember when my pal Carrie got married she did an exceptional guide to some of her top Etsy picks for her big day, and since then it’s been forever the first place I’ve looked to when trying to find those unique details that really make your day yours.

Anyway- without further chatter, I thought I’d share some of my favourite places on the site to shop and what I’ve been collecting as the day grows closer…

The Finishing Touches…

From hand dyed ribbons to velvet ring boxes- some of my favourite things to pick up are the things that’ll make everything else sing. Although ribbon looks really pretty just sitting on a reel (a serial gift-wrapper right here), on the day it can come in so handy for so many things. Whether it’s to tie around napkins and cutlery for table settings, to keep bouquets in place, or even tied in a bow in flower girls hair- ribbon is far more than just for presents! On top of that, as Carrie said- it also makes a beautiful touch for photos- whether that’s adding in flares of even styling flat lays on the day (not your job, naturally)- it really can work a number of areas. I picked up this roll from Pom Pom Blossom, who has the most brilliant selection.

On top of that I also recently picked up these velvet ring boxes after having seen a handful of them pop up on Pinterest. With a lot of suppliers being in the U.S, I managed to find a few EU based businesses on Etsy, and managed to pick a couple for our wedding rings on the big day, which I think look really beautiful (and will hopefully keep our rings safe too- take note, best man)!

Ribbons | Place Name Cards | Cake Topper | Veil | Embroidered TulleRing Boxes


I’ll admit I did try drying my own- optimistic, I know! Although I made a start with some of the beautiful flowers we were given when we got engaged a couple of years ago- I was very positive in thinking there’d be enough for 120 guests. Not quite, Liv!

Despite having a couple of handfuls from my efforts to petal-save, I managed to find some natural biodegradable petals on Etsy which I know will be perfect for the venue (who requests that all confetti is biodegradable, which is planet friendly) and will be very handy for creating our own little pouches- which should hopefully save some £££ in the long run too!

Confetti | Coloured Petals


a.k.a the didn’t do it yourself- ay favourite kind of DIY! Although satisfying to get crafty in the lead up to your wedding, sometimes the task of certain DIYs can feel overwhelming. If you’re time starved and desperate for some hand-crafted touches, Etsy has so many handmade and unique options that look really beautiful and don’t cost the earth either. With things like the vow books making for a really beautiful keepsake to write both of our vows in- not only will they save us from the scraps of paper we’ll inevitably leave in a bag, but will have for years to come too.

Vow Books | Wedding Favour Bags | Wedding Jar Guestbook | Custom Cookies | This seller pretty much has everything you could ever wish for!

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts…

If you’re struggling to know what to pick up people- be it favours, or bridal party gifts, there are so many options here that have supplied plenty of brilliant ideas. From personalised napkins for the table with initials or messages, customised bottle-stops to even endless ideas in the edits section- it’s a really good place to start whittling down some original ideas you might not have even thought of. I can think of worse ways to spend an afternoon scrolling…

Bottle Stoppers | Matches | Hangover Survival Kit 

And a couple of my site tips!

  • Search Shop Favourites!
    One of my favourite ways of finding like-minded or similar sellers is checking out who they’re favourites are. Sometimes this might bring up some totally unrelated finds, but more often than not it can connect you to another network of brilliant sellers doing similar things.
  • Narrow The Search!
    When searching for products, always make sure to be wary of the ‘shop location’ destination. If you’re tight on time, limiting it to UK or European searches will definitely help in making sure things arrive on time- so just be careful when getting scroll happy!


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