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Where to eat in…Ibiza

So, if you know me- you’ll know I also go by the name Liv ‘Party’ Purvis. So going to Ibiza obviously equates to mad nights out, cheesy chips en masse and erm, green alcoholic drinks- alongside bright uniformed t shirts with ‘galz on tour’ on the behind.

~tumble weed~

Gotcha! Had you fooled? Of course not. Having family in Ibiza, we usually tend to steer a little away from San Antonio (not that there’s anything wrong with that- we just prefer somewhere a little quieter) and usually stay in the more Southern and residential part of the Island- such as Siesta (literally a beautiful sleepy town), Santa Eulalia and Es Cana. This year we stayed in the former (which is pretty close to the latter two) and were determined on hunting down some seriously tasty eats- which I’m pleased to say, we succeeded in- so read on for some seriously good foodie hide outs…

Siesta Grill

The concept of Siesta Grill is pretty simple, steak, lamb or chicken- and a jacket potato- all on outdoor garden chairs and a cosy garden setting. Served with crispy bread and my favourite Spanish holiday novelty ever, aioli (cultured garlic mayo? Yes please)- each meal comes with a fresh tomato and onion salad and a big grin (cheese)! Like a lot of my favourite places (read: Honest Burger) the menu is small, but in my opinion sometimes the best places just know what they do best, meaning a good standard is consistent, and the food is bloody excellent.


You guys know how I feel about Italian food (and if you don’t- I LOVE it) therefore digging out an impressive and well priced place to get some on the island was a very high priority for me. Luckily Mezzannotte ticked all of the boxes, had everything from meats to pasta dishes (including some incredible black linguine) and some seriously incredible bruschetta and starters- I am truly impressed.

Las Arenas
Las Arenas is the perfect all-rounder style place to grab a bite- whether it a baguette and pastry be from their fresh bakery during the day (whilst relaxing on the beach opposite) or some pasta from their evening restaurant (which has pretty much everything on the menu- not just pasta) it’s the perfect in budget place for something a little more varied!



Probably one of my favourite meals of the holiday- and one of the loveliest Mediterranean places I’ve eaten in, Seventeen oozes the perfect and subtle mix of French, Spanish and Italian across the menu. Opting for gnocchi, steak and lamb- with the most incredible breads and olive dips to begin- it was pretty much faultless. Additionally, we were left with enough room for deserts, which were in a complete league of their own (and presented as if John Torode was in the kitchen- never ever a bad thing).

Where do you like eating on the White Isle?


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