Oceania Travel · January 10, 2017

Darling Daylesford

Before we visited the city of Melbourne, we made a little stop off route further into Victoria into the beautiful spa town of Daylesford. Having never heard of Daylesford before this trip, it was wonderful to see another side to Australia, and appreciate what goes on a little outside of the hustle and bustle of the cities. We were even told we might see a kangaroo or two, which naturally was more than enough to get me excited (half kidding)…

Pulling into the Lake House, it felt like we were light years away from the baggage reclaim carousels at Melbourne airport- and walking on to our balcony with breathtaking views across the waterfront felt like the perfect pick me up after travelling. With the hotel combining the feel of a beautiful country house, a tranquil spa and a hugely well renown restaurant- it’s worth making the little outer city detour for an evening or two to experience this special place.

One of the first things that struck me after exploring (apart from how green it was) was the community feel of the town and the real celebration of homegrown business and artistry, which continued well into our stay in Melbourne. After visiting the incredible Convent Gallery in the town on our second afternoon and speaking to it’s owner, Tina Banitska- it was clear how special the community is here and how her vision of creating a space where local, national and international artists can come together, share and create is far more than just a business venture.

It was also wonderful to get to learn about the towns rich mineral history. Although I’m certainly a novice when it comes to this kind of thing, learning more about its roots as a spa town with organic springs was fascinating- and gave even more of a special feel to the wellness retreats and spas in Daylesford- with Hepburn Springs and Bathhouse being the perfect spot for some R&R- something this girl will never say no to.

Another of my favourite things about this town was the high street. Although it was only small, the fact it boasted a handful of stunning indie boutiques (Bokeh and Harry and Me being two favourites), a pizza place nicer than any I’ve seen at home (search ‘Koukla‘) and the gorgeous Wombat Hill Cafe not far off the beaten track made it completely unique to anywhere I’ve been- and I’d definitely recommend adding this to any visit lists if you’re ever in Victoria.

Next stop, road tripping!


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