Style · October 15, 2018

Last Of The Summer Sun

Although we didn’t take many pictures during our recent trip to Ibiza (a result of pure unadulterated switching off), I wanted to share the few we did capture, almost like a final ode to Summer 2018 (which makes it sound far more deep and plentiful than intended, but never mind)…

Anyway- this summer feels like it flew by in a heartbeat, and also went on longer than any I’ve experienced in the past (which, y’know- obviously scientifically isn’t true). With trips to Greece, Bordeaux and Edinburgh right at the beginning- it was nice to strike a balance between the luxury of jet setting, and maintaining a routine of spending time at home with family and making an hour each night for quality meditation Love Island.

With the World Cup, never-ending heatwave, wedding planning (and of course a certain Royal Wedding)- it felt like we were incredibly lucky to soak in so much of summer, and although it was lovely to get away last week for the last of it- I certainly felt like I got my fair share at home this year too.

But it wasn’t just about getting away to grab some last rays (or even voluntarily fall victim to a full 11 mosquito bites)- but actually spontaneously taking time to properly unwind for a bit with my family, after a few weeks of back-to-back juggling acts and feeling a little more than stressed with a number of different things. I know how lucky I am to be able to pack up my bags with little notice- and even having the time to spend a day finishing Killing Eve and pushing responsibilities to one side for a day felt like a real treat- and it’s certainly not one I take for granted either.

Anyway- on our last evening Joe and I spent a moment watching one of the prettiest sunsets and skies I’ve ever seen as the sun went down in Ibiza. Having visited for years to see family out there, it’s always been a pretty relaxing place for us (ironically) and I’ve amazingly never set foot in one of the clubs (I know, a shock all round)! It was the perfect way to wrap up an incredible summer, and the perfect excuse to take some favourite Free People dresses out for one last spin too.


(Dress: C/O Free People)


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