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The Capsule Wardrobe (for the person that has… a lot of clothes)

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I’ll be honest when I say my sentimental heart and hoarding nature have never really allowed me to be much of a capsule-wardrobe-maker. I’m like a magpie for things that don’t match and my wardrobe is a cocktail of everything from feathers, sequins and cord- which although can sometimes make getting dressed a bit of a minefield, definitely keep things inspiring too.

I said to Joe recently that my two dream sartorial personalities are Mrs Maisel and Paul McCartney; which although sound cool- definitely don’t share the same wardrobe (I’m either feeling prim, proper and very ladylike or like I want to be sat down in my denim recording the next big record- there simply is no in-between).

But! Saying that, there are a few things that I’ve come to learn are fundamentals in my wardrobe. The things that are capsule in a sense and make up the starting points of any good outfit when things feel a bit overwhelming or just a bit busy. So, with the help from’s new spring collection– I thought I’d talk you through the items that essentially make up what I’d call my starting blocks (or capsule staples)- and make for failsafe outfits; whether I’m a having a Macca or Midge kind of day…


The Denim Jacket

If there’s one thing that sees me through all seasons, it’s a good button up jacket. Thrown on under a trench or coat when it’s chilly, and worn solo when it warms up- the boxier the better and there’s nothing more I like than a bit of Mr. Harrison double denim action. This one perfectly fits the bill for oversized yet perfectly fitted, and I know it’ll be seeing a lot of blue skies (we hope) this summer!


The Blue Jeans

I think I’m turning a bit of a jeans corner at the moment- once a kick flare only gal, my world has widened to straight, flare, high rise, palazzo, ‘mom’, ‘dad’, aunty, cousin and what have you (only kidding- but I’m certainly no jeans snob, that’s for sure). Anyway- these feel like the perfect balance of slouchy yet tailored and I love that they’re high waisted too. You don’t need me to tell you why jeans are a staple for me so I’ll spare you the run down- but tell me something they don’t go with and I’ll eat my hat.

The Cardigan

The item that pretty much sticks with me all year round, but more so in spring is the humble cardigan. Thrown over band t-shirts it makes everything a little more prim, but I also love it thrown across shoulders with a silky vintage slip dress, or buttoned up and tucked into jeans too. This apple green one is the dreamiest colour and I’m excited to pair it with some brown and white trousers, as I know it’ll liven up some simpler outfits and weirdly almost acts as a bit of a neutral too- winner!

The Statement Dress

I’d seen dresses like this floating around online, and whilst I was a bit intimidated by the shape and colour- love the simplicity, how easy it is to wear and the elegant bow behind. It feels very grown up- and totally meets my criteria of having a staple to dress to hand as a bit of a wardrobe essential. Pair it with sandals for an easy ‘running about’ look, ballet flats for something a little cooler- or heels for that wedding you’ve got coming up in April; the choice is yours.

The Shoes

Finally, when it comes to footwear essentials in my wardrobe- I’m all about comfort. Never far away from a good pair of trainers, as it warms up my high tops turn to sandals and ballet flats and I’m completely in love with the contrast of these chunky tan sandals (which might be in the running for comfiest ever shoes) and criss cross ballerina shoes. I know both of them will go with everything, so watch this space to see them truly have their work cut out.


What are your wardrobe staples as it starts to warm up?


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