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How To Spend: 48 Hours in Mykonos

So- how could I possibly go anywhere without putting together a little post with some of my favourite recommendations?

On this occasion, because it was a holiday, we didn’t aim to tick off as much as humanly possible like we normally might- but took things a little slower during the time we had.

Naturally, we wanted to be a little lazy and indulge in pool time without having to book anywhere- so we didn’t quite manage to see as much of the island as we’d typically like- BUT did manage to visit the town and get some gorgeous names for places down (and more for when we hopefully go back too)! Obviously, if there’s anywhere we missed (which I know we definitely did) feel free to contribute below so I can keep adding to my little black book!

Staying: Kenshō Boutique Hotel & Suites

Now, where do I begin when talking about Kenshō? Unquestionably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever stayed at- this place is nothing short of magical. Hidden away a stone’s throw away from Ornos beach (and a ten minute drive from the airport too), the hotel overlooks the bay and is the perfect spot for lazy poolside afternoons, indulgent spa days and delicious fine dining dinners by night.

With 25 rooms and 10 suites, each is designed with incredible attention to detail- fusing traditional rustic beachy touches with contemporary clean design, and additionally the most beautiful outdoor hot tub- which gave true style to sitting under the stars. On top of that, the food here is exceptional- let’s just say the breakfast buffet had everything from coco pops to CREME BRULEE (yes, I know) and with their all day menu combining total favourites (a.k.a a delicious avocado burger and margarita pizza) and Grecian classics- meaning stopping by for a quick lunch needn’t be a proper white linen experience (although they do have a fine dining restaurant for that too)!

Although it’s definitely in the luxury hotel bracket, it would make for the perfect occasion getaway and the ultimate honeymoon destination too- I feel incredibly lucky to have stayed here, and without hesitation would recommend it to anyone visiting the island.

Seeing: Ornos Beach

Seeing as we were so close to Ornos, it felt rude to not pay a visit to one of the island’s most gorgeous beaches. Although it’s undeniably incredibly popular, it’s the perfect place to hire an umbrella for the day and dip your toes into the sand and swim in the clearest blue sea.

On top of that, there’s so many gorgeous restaurants dotted around the bay, and on the first night we dipped into an Italian here right along the front which we both loved- so well worth coming for a wander if you’re nearby!

The City:

Now, one thing to note about getting around in Mykonos is that cabs are incredibly hard to come by. Apparently there’s few more than 30 on the whole island, so planning ahead is certainly advised- which is something I had no idea about until Lucy kindly let me know, we would have been at the airport a lot longer had we not known! Most hotels offer transfers, but if you can it’s really worth hiring a car or bike whilst here to make getting around smooth and stress free. There’s a lot of private hire companies, and well worth asking hotels for recommendations before, or when you arrive too.

Cine Manto:

One of the best things we discovered was visiting Cine Manto– the gorgeous outdoor cinema in Mykonos town. Showing films every evening, this little hidden gem is hidden in a quieter part of town, and feels like a bit of an oasis amongst the hubbub of the centre. The movie schedule changes week on week, but when we went they were showing Coco (one of my newly favourite ever Disney films). Every film is shown in it’s native language- but all you have to do is book on the day and head down, it’s also got a restaurant too!


Although we ate locally, and at the hotel for our last evening, we made tracks to Mykonos Town on our second night- and although we could only stomach one meal (lol), I’ve popped down a list of some of the places that came up time and time again for anyone planning a trip!

Pasta Fresca Barkia:

You can take a girl out of London- in fact, take her out of anywhere- and I’m pretty sure she’ll be able to find a delicious pasta restaurant, no matter where she is in the world. Arriving a little before 8:30- we sat outside Pasta Fresca Barkia and tucked in to some seriously delicious fresh pasta (there are literally PAGES to their menu) and watched the world go by street side. It seemed that by 9pm things get pretty busy, so if you want a great spot without booking, definitely head down before- but their homemade foccacia is unreal, and the selection is absolutely unrivalled too.

Some other names to note:

Kiki’s Tavern:

Although across from the main town, this place is meant to be amazing- and apparently they serve glasses of wine whilst you wait.


We walked past Caesers as we headed home from the town, and had we gone by earlier definitely would have given their menu a whirl- interiors looked gorgeous and menu was a gorgeous selection of traditional dishes.

and some more…

M-Eating, Avra, Kastros (the most gorgeous setting) and Scorpios (which seems to be the hip ‘n’ happening fancy place at the moment)



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