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Anya Hindmarch AW17 x Lenovo

In general I struggle with producing fashion week content. I know you don’t come to this side of the ‘net for polished catwalk shots you could get better on somewhere like (without the shaky hands, at least)- and this year I wanted to do something a little different…

…Tell more of a story with the images and try and get you the full 360 of where the inspiration comes from behind every catwalk- a bit of a scrapbook if you like. Thankfully, as luck would have it- a couple of weeks before the Anya Hindmarch show (one of the three I attended this season)- I was introduced to the Lenovo Yoga Book. Now, I’m no tech expert- but I know something exciting when I see it- and this tablet has quickly become one of the most playful, straightforward and creative pieces of technology I own. Not only was I able to capture images, but sketch, annotate, paint (yup, paint) and play with everything and curate it into a visual diary of everything I caught.

With the show inspired by a Nordic winter and an alpine winter wanderlust getaway- it was the perfect way of cosy-ing up on a cool Sunday morning. Darting backstage to catch the loose ends being tied (with ribbon and paper chains, nonetheless) the show emitted a Wes Anderson Grand Budapest Hotel meets Darker Side Of The Moon feel, with a big soundtrack, and primary coloured collection all set to a graphic alpine backdrop. Looks boasted shearling (in slider shape), chunky fair isle, knitted playsuits, playful Kurbit inspired detailing and slick John-Frieda hair (and minimal make up) to tie up the Scandi story…

And capturing it couldn’t have been easier. Sometimes I feel technology can limit the way we experience and engage with content- images can become almost too regimented and blogs almost detached from the ‘online scrapbook’ we all once knew them as. With the Yoga Book, I’m able to play around with the more creative side of content- scribbling thoughts and observations, sketching with the stylus (or even pen to paper and instantly transfer)- which makes documenting everything during times like this so much more pleasurable and exciting.

No longer do I need a scanner to scan in jottings or images- because this bad boy has me covered with it’s various modes (still including all the features that are great about a tablet, but this time with a Halo keyboard too- snazzy)! And taking it about with me last week has definitely rekindled the creativity I sometimes lose along the way- because after all, isn’t getting inspired what fashion week is all about?

P.S If you want to get your hands on a Yoga Book, Lenovo are offering a 20% discount to all readers. Find out more here!

Post in collaboration with Lenovo, but cheerleading of awesome tech, Wes Anderson and Anya Hindmarch all my own


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