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What Olivia Cooked: A Very Special BeeDay Cake!

Burts Bees Honey Birthday Cake
Burts Bees Honey Birthday Cake

(Decorations from Handpicked Collection)

It’s no secret that I’m a Burt’s Bees fan. Having done a little work with them earlier this year, and subsequently held my first ever workshop with them (eek) which some of you came along to (thank you so so much if you caught it)- I thought it only appropriate to host a little cake party to celebrate the brand turning 30 this month– and what better way to do so than a honey flavoured (and themed) cake? You got to give it to them, they don’t look a day over 21- and nothing beats a slice (or comb-of) cake! A little thank you to the bees who started it all, let’s say! You can also join in the party by buzzing over a birthday message
with #burtsbeeday on Burt’s Bees Facebook page, which could potentially be read out Burt himself (yup, Burt is real) at a live webcast on the 17th September too- pretty blooming exciting!

Using a James Martin recipe, I created a simple honey sponge decorated with little fondant bumble bees (it’d be rude not to, right?)- which is super easy to do, and really tasty and effective! As always if you give it a go yourself, hashtag #bakewithliv as per, you know I’m a sucker for your bakes! Anyway…

You will need:
– 170g clear honey
– 140g unsalted butter
– 85g light muscovado sugar
– 2 beaten eggs
– 200g self raising flour
– Coloured fondant icing and white chocolate buttons for decoration
– Fancy tin of your choice
– Water

Burts Bees Honey Birthday Cake

1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees, and line and grease your tin! Measure your honey, butter and sugar in to a pan- along with a tablespoon of water and simmer over a low heat until melted together. Move from the heat and cool a little!

Burts Bees Honey Birthday Cake

2. Sift in your flour and mix in your eggs, and combine everything- I told you it was easy!

Burts Bees Honey Birthday Cake
Burts Bees Honey Birthday Cake

3. Spoon in to your tin and bake for about 35-40 minutes, or until a skewer inserted comes out completely clean.

Burts Bees Honey Birthday Cake
Burts Bees Honey Birthday Cake

4. Remove from the oven and leave to cool completely before tucking in! Roll out your fondant icing into appropriate shapes if you’re that way inclined, but cute creatures not always necessary ; )! Enjoy!

Burts Bees Honey Birthday Cake
JVBurts Bees Honey Birthday Cake2A0395edit

Keep up to date with the celebrations using the #BurtsBeeDay hashtag here – and also stay tuned for the live video webcast party here!

This post is in collaboration with Burt’s Bees, but all feels are my own- and I’m a big fan of Burt and beedayz! Bzzzzz!


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