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With magazine placements on the side, 2013 was the last year I juggled blogging as a side gig. Things get a bit girlier in the style department too, with a lorra love for the sixties and a 'hive!


Autumn by the seaside

Outfit Post Glamorous Trousers Boyish Style
Outfit Post Black Hat Styling
Black Jumper Lace Collar
Lulu Guinness Chain Lipstick Bag

(Hat: Topshop, Shirt: Cameo Rose @ New Look, Jumper: Whistles, Trousers: C/O Glamorous, Bag: Lulu Guinness)

To me, wearing trousers- of any colour (skinny jeans not included)- means one thing. Annie Hall. Waistcoat or not, wearing a pair of tailored trousers with a shirt makes me feel like a Diane Keaton meets Katharine Hepburn character (only in my head, obviously)- even if my mum insists it’s more the ‘Made In Chelsea cameo’ look, opposed to Woody Allen co-star. So, when Joe and I decided to recently take a day trip to our favourite seaside city of Brighton, I decided to channel ice-cream pastels in a different way, opting for a more boyish take in these Glamorous trousers, layered with a more girlie shirt and an over sized jumper- not bad for transseasonal dressing, huh?

iPad Brighton
Coloured Houses Brighton
Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

Anyway, this little tablet (so, apparently paracetamol and ibuprofen aren’t the only tablets anymore- I made this silly lingo mistake in front of Lucy) comes from all the way from Argos– somewhere that stocks far more than Elizabeth Duke and perfectly summery garden ware. Now, being a bit of an tablet novice (and only having ever admired my dads and brothers from afar), I’ve spent a pretty timely period trying to work out how to utilize it to the absolute best of my ability, and not solely for untimely sessions of Candy Crush and re-runs of the Bake Off on iPlayer (although both of those things are completely fine).

So, after hopping on the train to the Sussex coast, iPad in tow, we took to Twitter to grab some recommendations- all of which I jotted down on Ever Note- an app I now use to list everything, and the place that I’ve started building guides of my favourite cities (which will be appearing on here sometime soon). I’ve also been testing out some various blogging on-the-go and photography apps (along with some genius handwriting bad boys)- which I’ve actually listed below, so you can try them out too! I’m still learning though, so if you do have any amazing suggestions please share around- it’d be good to get this guide

iPad Brighton
My favourite Apps: So far…

Photo: VSCO Cam/Snapseed/A Beautiful Mess/Pic FX-

These are my go to pre-Instagram editing apps, although VSCO Cam and PICFX are a couple of the more straight forward, Snapseed allows in-depth editing from white balance to contrast- with A Beautiful Mess enabling you to add cute phrases, borders and doodles to layer over images- which is always a pretty big hit. Additionally PICFX allows overlays of ‘bokeh’ and light colour filters over images, which again, can look really cool.

Blogging: Blogsy/Paper/Sketch Book Mobile/iFont Maker-

Although a lot of these are quite different, it’s amazing how many uses you can find for a sheet of paper when it’s interactive isn’t it? Blogsy is an awesome blogging app, which although I’m still getting to grips with, is super handy for blogging on a train commute and makes everything really simple. On top of that, Sketch Book mobile is great for adding handwriting over images (something I’m still yet to try) and iFont Maker is THE best for making your own fonts- but can get weirdly addictive (who knew drawing letters could be so fun?!)

and here’s what I wore…


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